A New Book from FinlandInsider is out!

Real sauna, ice-swimming, Finnish traditions, food and nature, local attractions and best places to visit. This is just a handful of first-hand information you will find from FinlandInsider's exclusive new ebook available for free to everyone, no matter if you are planning to visit Finland or are living there already. Want to save time? Great, because we are well-connected and would be glad to show you where you can take short-cuts when it comes to travel and life in Finland. The book gives you an insight into Finnish nature, best attractions and ways of life. Find recipes, driving directions and instructions on how stuff works in Finland from an insider's perspective.

Who am I? I am an insider of Finland who will give you a first-hand unbiased view of life, food, and travel in Finland. After living the dream on the Finnish countryside for years and travelling all over the country to see and experience the Finnish way of life, I decited to put all my experience into an easy-to-follow ebook. The book is available in a pdf formate with an interactive table of contents making content finding effortless. Take the book with you on a phone or tablet and enjoy it on the go or at home. From nowhere else can you find this kind of unbiased, true-to-life insights about Finland, so don't hesitate and download your free copy today!

Download the book here!