Bed And Breakfast With One Cottage Near Tampere

Here is a bed and breakfast in Southern Finland in the Tampere area where you can find a cozy place to stay overnight while traveling within South-Western Finland. Most of these accommodations are tucked away in the countryside away from major towns.

  • Get more personal, friendly and home-like service, rather than being just a number at a hotel.
  • Beat hotel costs which are usually higher.
  • Experience the old-style Finnish farmhouse architecture.
  • See the outback of Finland, go on nature walks in the country that has the most lakes in the world.
  • Meet people who are really interested in you.

Bed and breakfast accommodations in the Pirkanmaa region

Sirkkas B&B


Sirkkas Lempäälä B&B is a 20-minute drive South of Tampere and a 10-minute drive from the Ideapark shopping center with connections to Helsinki which takes 2 hours by rail. Get very personal treatment and enjoy my mother-in-law's Finnish cuisine at her B&B in Lempaala, plus expose yourself to attractions in the area. Read More!

Vesilahti B&B


This lovely place is near Tampere, Finland. About 30-minutes drive from Tampere when you travel South towards Helsinki. It's perfect for those who want to find accommodation with breakfast close to the best shopping centre in Finland - Ideapark in Lempäälä. Try this B&B accommodation and rent a great appartment in Vesilahti near a large store. Read More!

Sastamala B&B and smoke sauna


Only a 45-minute drive West of Tampere is where you will find this farmhouse-style accommodation for up to 6 people. Preview a fabulous smoke sauna at the same location that can be ordered as part of your stay in Sastamala. Read More!

Sastamala cottage


Also, only a 45-minute drive West of Tampere, find this Cottage for 8 people. Read More!