Countryside Bed and Breakfast  in Lempäälä

Looking for accommodation near Tampere 20 minutes drive to Ideapark Finland's newest and largest shopping center in Lempäälä or a Finnish B&B near Lempäälä. A cozier alternative to a hotel experience? Park your RV camper for the night. Take a shower. Wake up to a warm breakfast.

If you're looking for accommodation near Tampere, why not stay with us. We can help arrange your holiday vacation details. There is much to see locally and in the Tampere vicinity. Close by we have some ice swimming with a sauna. If you come during the summer try one of our beaches.

View of the field and woods from the apartment


This 'Bed and Breakfast' costs less than a traditional hotel. And depending on how many come, we can give you a deal. During the winter we heat our floors with elements in the floor. So your feet stay warm. During a winter stay in Finland, keep your feet and hands warm at all times. By this you save yourself from getting a chill and perhaps getting sick. A horrible way to spend your vacation. Trust me, it works. And in the summer the downstairs is cool. All seasons you get comfy temperatures!

Dishwasher, stove, microwave, refrigerator and coffeemaker


What kind of coffee this morning? Finns brag about their coffee being so good. Enjoy espresso coffee you can brew using the coffeemaker. Decaf is available too. An oven for baking? You can even cook yourself! Your warm 'served' breakfast has: Eggs, bacon, cereal, yogurt, coffee, tea, bread, juice, sweet breads. How about Karjalan Pirakka? Karelian Pies.


Order what you want and we will pre-stock the fridge if you opt out for a delivered breakfast. Cucumber,tomatoes, fruits of various kinds, milk. Do you have allergies or need some other special diet? We can suggest foods for you. In most hotels we have visited in Finland, using the food bar may be more economic if you are a small family and just need to snack on something.

Coming with a larger group?

We can take up to 20 people at once, though it might be a bit tight. The floor space can be used for sleepers. Plenty of space to store things, and everything to run a houshold if you want to stay over a week.

Large storage closets in the bedroom


Toilet and shower


Inside the sauna


Our sauna is used through the year. During the cold season a sauna may really hit the spot. The sauna is near an exit to the outside. Go into the sauna to get warm, after you are warm enough then exit to the outside. Once you are outside for a while you can enjoy a cool beverage, come back inside, rinse off and get back into the warm sauna. Do this many times, Ahhhhh! A feeling of serenity and relaxation follows.

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