Mieli Aitta Accomodation and Smoke Sauna

Vammala, Sastamala – Finland


Mieli Aitta's farmhouse accommodations Vammala, Sastamala. These folks welcomed a photo shoot of their newly renovated farmhouse. Order your breakfast when you want and simply enjoy your visit.

The courtyard. Across the farmhouse is another structure once used as grain storage for animals. Beyond the trees... the edge of the field.

Let's see where you will stay.

Rocking chair and typical Finnish mats/rugs give a homey look.


Large enough for six people or more (fridge, microwave, TV)


The courtyard


Let's go to sauna!

First we come face to face with Lake Rautavesi (Iron water), where you will be dipping into, after, and before (optional but refreshing) you use the Sastamala smoke sauna. Large flat stepping stones gently and gradually lead you to the water edge.


After you take a dip in the water, and find out that the weather is not too cold, sit on these outdoor benches and have a snack. The host can provide food or special snacks for your palate, and he would be glad to. If it's a bit nippy then why not serve tea to everyone? Nine people can comfortably use the Sastamal smoke sauna at one time. Outside faded gray wood timbers give the sauna that special ruggedy, woodsy, outdoor look. Notice the upper level where there are burnt marks. This shows where large amounts of smoke has collected. Of course since this is a two-story smoke sauna the upper half collects the most heat.


The sauna entrance is smaller than a standard size door. This helps keep the heat in and gets the smoke out.

Just in case the weather is not good, to the right of the sauna entrance (in the previous picture) are long benches for sitting, to cool off. There're also plenty of hangers to hang towels on and a small table for drinks.

Let’s step in…

The stove of this smoke sauna is located smack in the middle of the smoke sauna. The stove is built of classic orange brick, with iron stove doors for feeding it the fire. And does it ever take allot of wood to get this sauna to par temperature. The results are worth the man hours put into getting this smoke sauna ready.


Ground floor. As you walk into the sauna ,to the right of the sauna stove, you notice a window on the left. There are benches surrounding the sauna stove,in pairs and singles. Once you get back into the sauna you can relax by sitting on these ground floor benches or use the outdoor ones.


Now we will go up the stairs. It will be dark.


The second floor sauna room has two openings, each about 1,5 x 1,5 ft. in the two sides of this dark room with a great view of the most important features in this smoke sauna.

Worth warming up, isn't it?

Here is where you can inquire about this Sastamala smoke sauna. If you have any questions, please fill in the following form.