A Cottage in Sastamala by a Lake

45-minute drive from Tampere

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This rental cottage in Sastamala has various rooms with tables to sit around with your friends for a game night, a drink or a chat. Do you enjoy sitting in the sun? Just rotate from one room to the other. The largest living room of the cottage hosts up to 30 people. It is ideal for hosting a party or a lecture if you are traveling with a larger group or in case you have friends or family living in the area.

Front view of the cottage


Access to the cottage is convenient since it is close to the main road which connects you to the town of Vammala. If you care to journey to Tampere it will take you only about 45 minutes to get there by car. If you would like to swim a bit in the summer, you can do so because the cottage is located next to a lake.

Main living room of the cottage is spacious with lights attached to a center beam


The kitchen


A bed near a window on the main floor


Stairwell to the upper floor of the cottage


Two beds are near the staircase


Lakeside view of walkway to the water edge


Outside terrace and grill for cooking


In case you want to know how logs fit together in the typical "summer cottage" way, next you can a picture of that.

Outer corner joints of the cottage in Sastamala


To see and do around

This rental Cottage in Sastamala is part of what they call the "Mieli-Aitta" in Finnish. Mieli-Aitta offers catering services so you can just order food and drinks from them which is very convenient!. Let the host know excactly what your group wants and they will custom cater to you needs.

When overnighting at Mieli-Aitta you have different options. Stay at the farmhouse bed and breakfast style accommodation near the Pyhä Olavi church or stay here at the cottage in Sastamala. The cottage in Sastamala accomodates 10 people so if you travel with friends or family there are enough beds for everyone.

The Mieli Aitta cafe is really interesting. It is made of old grey logs and you sit on lambskin. Locals come there to have a chat and a cup of coffee with freshly baked goodies. You can spend a weekend or a whole week in this area exploring traditional pastures, farmland and meadows. Swim in the clean lakes!

Mieli Aitta is right next to the old Holy Olav's church Pyhän Olavin kirkko which is built in 1506-1516. The church was partly rebuilt and the insides renovated in 1999-2003 & 2005-2009 and has really unique and cool contemporary art inside. Definately worth the art experience whether you value religion or not. Inquire about a guided tour (the guide is always there during May-Aug from Sun-Fri 11pm -5pm), then you can really get a lot out of the art.

I loved touring the Holy Olav's church so I bought postcards of the non-traditional religious art to take home with me. What is more is that my kids also liked it. There is a sauna of course! Do it the Finnish way and go with others. 6-8 persons fit in the sauna hot room. Need a sauna coach to help enjoy a great sauna? See more about the Pyhän Olavin Church and another old church in the area to put on your visit list.

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