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This Lempaala Bed and Breakfast is the one we frequent often simply since my father and mother-in-law live here. Each time we drive by Lempäälä we'll stop by to say 'Hi', and most likely Sirkka will have something warm in the oven. She'll woe us to come in and eat some freshly baked goods, warm porridge or a full meal.

These wonderful people have been teaching me the Finnish language for over 12 years. They do not give up on me. They know learning the language is tough. Visitors are welcome any time of day. Seppo and Sirkka have seven children. All of them are grown up and living in other towns in Finland.


Breakfast and other Meals

Sirkkas breakfasts and other meals are a cross between Finnish Lapland and Estonian cuisine. -a very own unique blend of cooking. There is a bountiful selection of her dishes on the Finnish Food page.


At Sirkkas Lempaala bed and breakfast there is room enough for 4 people and two children. A total of 6 people if necessary. The guests sleep upstairs. There is a large lounge area (about 20 sq. meter) with two bedrooms, one is about 3 x 3 meters with room enought for 3 persons, 2 adults and a child. The other bedroom has a twin bed, a sofa and a desk.

If you travel with family or friends it is possible to have four more persons overnight on sofas of the lounge area. The bathroom/WC is shared. The sauna and the bathroom is downstairs. There are three bathroom/WC's, a sauna, and large dining/living room for small group meetings.

Sirkkas Lempaala Bed and Breakfast Guest Comments on Their Stay

Dear Sirkka, thank you so much for looking after us so well earlier this week. We really enjoyed our trip to Lempaala, the surroundings were very beautiful and unspoilt and very quiet. Everyone was very friendly towards us and made us feel welcome even though we don't speak any Finnish, also the tourist information were really helpful.

We really enjoyed the cycling and definitely recommend cycling in the Lempaala area. We loved the accommodation and especially the lovely food that you provided. We were very blessed that we had warm and sunny weather during our stay which meant we could sit outside during our cycle rides. --Chris, Veronica and Janny

Inquire about the Lempaala bed and breakfast here, or read on to see what there is to do in the Lempaala area.

What Would You Do and See in Lempäälä?

Play golf at the Hiisi golf 400 meters from the Lempaala bed and breakfast


Fragrant lilacs welcome spring guests to Sirkka's Lempaala B&B


Visit the Hukianhovi smoke sauna in Vesilahti a 30 minute drive from Sirkka's Lempaala Bed and Breakfast or the Mikkolan smoke sauna. -a 20 minute drive from the Lempaala bed and breakfast.

Help for Arthritis and related Illnesses - a feel Better place

Refresh yourself with a Balneotherapy massage at the Lempäälä Health Spa. Family owned since 1926. It takes takes 7 minutes to walk to the spa from Sirkkas Lempaala B&B. The method includes using hot and cold water, baths and steam saunas. You get wrapped up in wool or linen, bathe in water along with special natural ingredients therapeutizing the body by osmosis. One treatment consist of multiple steps, each focusing on a different area of the body. The end result... better circulation, a soothed nervous system, and a faster metabolism. In case you need more accommodation the spa can house up to 5 people.


4 Leasurly Activities to do in the Lempaala Area

  •     Go for a bicycle trip -Sirkka has bicycles you can rent at the Lempaala bed and breakfast
  •     Hike the Birgita Trail or Birgitan Polku
  •     visit the Ideapark Shopping Center to find gifts, window shop, stroll or eat.
  •     go on a boat ride to Hämeenlinna from Lempäälä

The Lempäälä Channel and nearby lakes

You can go angling at the channel or fly fishing and lure fishing in a separate area. Two nearby swimming areas offer a spot for secluded recreation.


Catch a Train to Tampere or Helsinki

Travel from Lempäälä to Tampere by train in 20 minutes. A ten minute walk from Sirkkas Lempaala bed and breakfast, brings you to the railway station. Southbound trains bring you to Helsinki in two hours. Travel in a quiet train while seated comfortably. As the train accelerates you'll hear the hissing of the air coming from within the train. You'll pay 7 euros for the ticket from Lempaala to Tampere and it beats driving and having to find a parking place downtown Tampere.

If you take the train from Lempäälä to Helsinki, expect to cruise at speeds of 158 km/hour. Look throught the train window as houses and trees fly by. The jugging and other mechanical and vibrating noises during this trip is minimal compared to central European trains.

Keen on Museums, then try the Craftsmen Shops in Lempäälä

Walk 10 minutes from Sirkkas to a museum building consisting of antiquated shops.

See what a barber shop in Finland used to look like, shoes made of paperstring made by the shoemaker, candies, cigarettes, and coffee made of dandelion roots. Back from the days when the country was surviving WWII. They even have the oldest barber shop in Finland.


I find it interesting to go into these shops to see how tools were designed and used in the old days.

More to See Near Sirkkas Lempaala Bed and Breakfast

Lempäälä Lutheran entrance


The Shocking Ice-swim, or Refreshing Summer dip in the Lake

Get this at the Lempoisten Uimala in Lempäälä. Walk to a swimming beach from Sirkkas Lempaala bed and breakfast taking 15 minutes. Rent these facilities out from the city if you have a group between 20-50 persons.

At this swimming beach you'll find changing rooms, a kiosk, a diving platform, bathrooms and a large terrace while you use the two separate mens and womens saunas equipped with changing rooms.

Dirt Cheap Car Hire in Lempäälä

If you need cheap rental car in Lempäälä, then the place I use all the time is a 8 to 10 minute walk from Sirkkas Lempaala bed and breakfast. Passenger cars are available for 49 Euros/day and up.

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