Omena Hotel in Turku and a Few Alternatives

Omena hotel is used much by locals and it is a short chain hotel. In case you are short-of-change, Omena is the way to go. Omena hotels are a popular choice in Finland and are among the best cheap Finnish hotels. The Omena hotel in Turku is close to the city square, near all sort of shopping malls and smaller shops, restaurants and bars. Here is our experience with the hotel. On our trip to Turku with our friends we decided to try one. Aura and I spent a night, just the two of us, at a cheap hotel. Close to the center of town lies the Omena Hotel embedded into a high rise.


Omena has soft and clean beds. Along with a double bed there is also an extra pull-out bed for two or more people.


There is a microwave and fridge for use, with cups and some instant coffee, tea, creamer, sugar enough for four people. We ordered a room for two. Noise levels are low in the hallways, as well as inside the rooms. No sounds come from neighboring rooms.


The bathroom shower and WC sink is a unit similar to that of a commercial passenger ships. A complete unit. Cozy, and everything works as it should.


Omena provides the basic necessities for a night.

Once you get into a room, there is no limit of how many people may stay there. So If you would like a hotel room for a group of people you could probably fit up to 20 people in one room, and with the rooms being unusually large (23-25 square meters), that may be possible. Close to the hotel, there are many restaurants to choose from.

Address: Humalistonkatu 7, Turku, Finland

Hotel Harriet - another cheap option in Turku

This hotel is located right in downtown Turku. This along with a cheap price and recent renovations makes this Hotel a wise choice. The rooms are clean and the service I hear is just above average though this is a very small hotel.


One bedroom costs 49 to 65 euros/night. A family or let's say 3 people would pay from 90 to 130 euros/night. If you have a group of 5 or more, then this price would be negotioable. It could be as low as 22 euros/night per person. Again, not bad!

Address: Käsityöläiskatu 11, Turku, Phone: 040 910 3333, or overseas +358 40 910 3333

Staying longer?

If you need long-term accommodation and do not mind fixing your own breakfast and would like a lower price for accommodations in Turku, consider staying in an apartment. Spending a month in downtown Turku in an apartment for four individuals costs 384 euros for 7 days, or 54 euros/day. Not bad.

If you are interested in staying at the Hotel Harriet or looking for long-term accommodation, please go to my Contact Me page to let me know.