Sokos Hotel Lahti Review of a One Hundred Euro Room

Here is what I found during my stay at the Sokos Hotel Lahti in mid-September. I am working at a two-day job in Lahti, Finland. Two other collegues and I are working 5 kilometers from the center of Lahti. It is around 5:30pm and it is raining hard. Since our work is in the outdoors, we decide to call it a day and go the Sokos Hotel Lahden Seurahuone. Our company has a volume discount with the Sokos hotel chains in Finland.

Usually, a night at the Sokos Hotel Lahti cost around 120 euros/person per night. We had 3 people in our group, costing us 92 euros/room with a company discount.

The Sokos Hotel Lahti is located in the center of Lahti. It is very conveniently located next to all the restaurants and shopping areas. The indoor market square Kauppahalli is within walking distance. Catch a bus only 50 meters from the hotel. It takes 15 minutes to get out of town into the suburbs of the city with the bus.

My room

At 6 pm on a September day in Finland, the days are getting shorter. I want as much light in my room as possible, so I open the curtain to let more light in. My room consists of a bathroom with a shower, a toilet and a sink, a small desk with a phone, a flat screen TV, a mini-bar, an iron, and plenty of closet storage space. The top of the desk is shiny clean, as if new. My work chair is light and glides over the floor easily.




How to turn my room lights on?

The tricky part when I first entered my room at the Sokos Hotel Lahti was...? Finding how to turn on my room lights! For the life of me, each time I flipped the flipping switch, the lights blipped at me, but did not turn on! Then I discovered the 'Insert your hotel key/card to turn on your room lights' sign!


Sleeping in my bed

On each side of the two-person bed is a reading lamp over a night table. These night tables appear to be made of real wood! The color of the night table's light makes it ideal for evening reading.


The bathroom


What else?

The mini-bar has a note saying: "I have cleaned this room for you!" Signed: Sanna. This lets you know that a real person has cleaned your room last, and the cleaning person signed the paper using an ink-pen. Though I am not a mini-bar fan, you can get a feel for what alcoholic drinks cost. If you are thinking about buying from a mini-bar, think again! Vodka - 6 euros, whiskey - 6 euros, .18 liter of red wine - 6.20 euros, or .33 liter of beer - 4.30 euros. If you want to go the the sauna, there are times for both men and women.

Storage space

There is plenty of closet space in this particular room. My jacket is hanging up and there is room for more.


My breakfast

I had my usual simple breakfast: corn flakes mixed with muesly, dried fruit, and an egg. A slice of fresh dark and a light bread with a slice of ham, cheese, and tomato on top, plus coffee and orange juice. There is real Finnish porridge and lots of foods for people with allergies. You can have up to 10 courses for breakfast, if you wish!