Our Family’s Moomin World Review

Here is our Moomin World review for a taste of what to expect. This is our second trip to the Moomin World theme park in Naantali. Get ready to experience the look and feel of the fairytale stories of The Moomins.

Getting to the World of Moomin

Driving to Naantali from Tampere takes about two and a half hours. From Tampere follow the signs to Turku, then drive East toward Naantali. Once you are in the small town of Naantali (15 kilometers from Turku), the signs are easy to follow.

At the end of July, the temperature is around 29 Celsius (84 degrees Fahrenheit). If you are coming from Helsinki, take the train to Turku, then take bus 11 or 110 from downtown Turku, or get a taxi to Naantali. Between June 8 and August 14 the S.S. Ukkopekka, a 1938 built ice-breaker inspection vessel, departs from Turku to Moomin World in Naantali. This is an interesting journey, if you want to see the Archipelago seascape.

Tip: Do bring a packed lunch and plenty of drinking water. You'll be on an island for the whole day with your child.

Follow the signs to Muumimaailma Moomin World until you get to the exclusive Muumimaailma parking lot, before the center of Naantali. Parking costs six euros, and the parking ticket also includes the bus trip out to the Moomin World Island. You can park in some areas of Naantali, but parking is only allowed for two hours. We paid 21 euros per person. Children of three years and older need a ticket. The ticket/wristband includes all day access to the activities at Moomin world, including the theater.

Our children, Tomi and Rosa have read Moomin books and movies before going to the Moomin World, so they come expecting to experience something they have heard or seen either from books, or the television series. Since the Moomin World Island/theme park is a product derived from the books of Tove Jansson, it carries with it more of the idea of being over doing. Consider it a good place to engage in activities with your children.

Entering the Moomin Island

Our Moomin world review begins as we enter the Moomin World Island. Rosa and Tomi's cousin got here before us, so we are in a hurry to get onto the island. Walking across the almost 400 meter long wooden dock connects us from the mainland to Moomin Island. We arrive at the entrance of the island.

Moomin World - entering the long walkway to Moomin Island


Almost setting foot on the island!


After paying for our tickets near the inner entrance of the island, we meet the extended family. We are curious, has our cousins arrived yet? Now that we are all on the island, where will we go? Since it is mid-day, we first sit down to eat in the garden Gazebo, right next to the theater. After a few bites, we'll visit the show.

In the Gazebo, enjoying Moomin lollipops. Our cousin is in the far right of this pic!


The theater


Moomins in the Theatre

It feels a bit mysterious to sit in the audience under the large canopy. Tomi wants to watch all the theater performances of the Moomin characters. There are several shows in a sequence. A break of an hour or two, and then more shows to follow.

Being inside the theater is convenient, especially if there happens to be a shower of rain - just sit back, relax and enjoy the theater show until the rain has stopped! We'll check the program for more shows later. Moomin characters' names from left to right: Moominpappa, Sniff, Stinky, Moomintroll and Mymble, who is also known as 'little My.'


The kids are in a hurry to run around and see more, so after a show or two I take off with Tomi, Rosa and their cousin. During the beginning of our journey I discover interesting building architecture.

On our way to the Moomin house!


Stopping to use the tube slide!


A stop to see the Hattifatteners!


My 'little My'


The Moomin Blue House

More to do before getting to the Moomin house. Take a picture of your child, and see what you get! Now we are close to the house! Rosa and her cousin running towards where the crowds are gathering. I am sweating in my attempt not to lose sight of them! Everyone is over there around that funny-looking blue tower! Hey, it's the Muumitalo, Moomin House!

The house...


The crowd!


Everyone wants to see the Moomins... live! In the very center of the picture you can see Snufkin in the shadows with his recorder. Sometimes he has an accordion or a guitar with him. You can join Snufkin in a sing-along on any day - the times are mentioned in the program, or join him every time he sings at his favorite spot on the island!

A picture with the Moomin characters

If the crowds are too large, wait just before closing of Moomin World to get a picture with the Moomin characters.

Going into the house

The house has various levels. In particular, this place appeals the most to the younger ones likes this. Tomi is intrigued by the small window. I am intrigued by the narrowing effect between the room and the window.

Flashing back to our 2003 visit - inside the house!


Upstairs at the Moomin House


The kids have seen enough and run down the stairs out of the house. I begin chasing after them through the crowd of people, waiting to get their picture with the Moomins, then follow the two girls down a narrow curving trail, leading to a small hut on our right side. A stark figure outside the hut begins shouting at us! Curiosity gets the best of the cousins as they run up to the Witch. Daddy outruns 'em...

After meeting the Witch, Rosa's cousin finds her daddy. Next, we all wander across another island trail.

The Hattifatteners Trail

Entering the Hattifatteners Domain on the Hattifatteners trail. A quote taken from Tove Jansson's story...

... Snufkin walks along the shore, and hears his friend Hemulen crying out for help. "This is a very tricky problem!" The Hattifatteners, unable to speak or hear, still have a very keen sence of feeling. Banging against the pole, they can feel the ground shaking, and they'll be frightened to leave.

After shouting and stomping! Did I scare the Hattifatteners away?


The exercise at this activity: shout into the tree stump and see if you hear an echo. Stomp your feet near the stump to see if you can shake them up and down.

The famous bridge over the waterfalls


After walking across the bridge, I venture out with Rosa on our own little path. At the end of the path there is a beach where we are headed.

Drontti Edvard the Dragon


I get a picture of Rosa by a popular background which is found in the many storylines of the Moomins. Here is one flashback picture on top of the dock in 2003. It's almost the same background as the previous picture.

On top of the dock!


Close to the dock is a colossal shell with a surprise in the middle!


Then the thought occurs to me! Where is Tomi? Rosa last saw him at the maze. Sooo,  that is where we'll embark to next.

The a-maze-ing labyrinth!


I even had difficulties finding my way out of this maze! The three of us venture out to explore the outer island paths.

Sights around the island


After an archipelago seascape view we discover the Moomin World swimming beach, reminding me that next time we go to Muumimaailma, we'll remember to bring along the swimming gear. Most importantly, if you are going to swim, make sure to warm up in the sauna at Muumimaailma Moomin World!


The kids want to do a little shopping before leaving the island.

Our shop stop inside the shop! It's...Sniff's Shop!

Special Finlayson made towels with Moomin characters. They are sooo cute! And stuffed Toy Muumins! Moomin products like the mugs have become collectables among adults too. Aura loves to collect Moomin mugs.




Leaving the island

We walk off the island, and again cross the long dock. The kids are very tired. The miniature train is here to pick us up at the end of the walk. All aboard! The train has a trailer caboose for strollers and extra bring-along items, in case you have a big lunch box with you or something else of the kind.


After the train ride to Naantali, there is still some shopping to be done. Walking over to the Naantali Moomin World Shop, it is easy especially on a clear sunny day to notice the charming Naantalian architecture.

Streets of Naantali, close to Moomin World shopping!


What else can one do in Naantali?

  • Eat at local restaurants near the Moomin World Island.
  • Walk around Naantali. The building architecture and seascape(s) are attractive.
  • There are grocery stores in Naantali for other shopping needs.