Our Mid-May Trip to the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park in Tampere

Located near Tampere, the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park, one of Finland's more popular amusement parks hosts about 1000 people daily. With comfortably cool weather and Finnish school's still in session the month of May is ideal especially in avoiding the normally long wait for rides.

Tomi, his friend Toni, and Aura visit the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park on May 15th. This is a good time to go since it's a cool day. Plus, most Finnish schools are out by June 4th. Yep, less kids around.

It is a cool 7 degrees Celsius (44 F) in the morning. By noon temps will reach 13 degrees Celsius (55 F) It's a perfect day to go to the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park. Why? Overcast weather tends to keeps the crowds down. Notice, I did not say 'bad weather.'

Checking the weather at AccuWeather.com's forecast for Tampere, Finland gives me the advantage of knowing how to be more prepared for the day. AccuWeather says: "overcast and cloudy" ; "relative humidity 60%" -which practically means... No Rain! And also means...no long delays before getting to ride the 'Rides!' Knowing that the weather in Tampere in May is dry, I deduce, this is a best, 'theme park' day, for visiting the Sarkaniemi Amusement Park.

I recommend a day trip visit to the Sarkanniemi Adventure Park, mid to end of May. In July, expect the queue for the rides to be much longer, when the park is crowded. If you really want "peace and quiet", choose an overcast day, like we did here. In May I only waited 5 minutes for my favourite roller coaster ride, "The Tornado."

Entrance tickets and prices

Aura purchased the basic 10 Euro ticket allowing her a full day's entrance to the park, free access to the Näsinneula Observation Tower and the Sara Hilden Art Museum Sara Hildenin taidemuseo. With this ticket each ride costs an additional 7-9 Euros. Tomi, Toni and I purchased 'All Day, Unlimited Rides' Passes, two kids and one adult. These tickets for one adult and two children cost 112 Euros.

Tip: If you plan to go on more than two rides, you'll want to buy the whole day pass, costing between 32 - 34 euros. This includes entrance and access to almost all rides.

See more information about Särkäniemi Park entrance tickets and opening times

Inside the Sarkanniemi adventure park

The four of us arrive here at 1 pm. We'll enjoy the rides around five hours and let the boys go free within the park. The very first ride is one we will do together.

MotoGee - me, waving in the back!


MotoGee is a ride for those wanting to feel what a sudden start on a motorcycle is like. Sit in the position of a motorcyclist leaning forward, holding onto handle bars. When the ride starts, feel the g-forces as the roller coaster shoots the rider into motion. I can feel the effect of the sudden start in my stomach. It happened quite unexpectedly. This is a short ride worth trying a few times.

Traditional rides at the Sarkanniemi adventure park

The bumper cars sign says: "No Bumping Allowed!" So if you want a peaceful and gentle ride on bumper cars, Audi Racing is for you.


There are smaller roller coaster rides besides the fast and twisty Tornado. One is called the Nopea Mato Fast worm which gives Tomi a ride he wants to repeat. This is a small and fast roller coaster ride running on oblong-shaped tracks. Next, I enjoy the Jetstar, a gentler roller coaster which keeps your stomach from reaching your mouth.

On the Jetstar


An old favorite of mine, the Troikka!


My favorite, the Tornado. This roller coaster is the largest and fastest ride at the Sarkanniemi adventure park. The Tornado shoots, loops, twists, and has sharp turns. A potential neck-breaker, on the verge of being scary. The boys rode the water rides like the Log Ride to add a bit of moisture to their fun day!

Upside down in the Tornado!


The Log Ride


Going up the Tower!

The elevator trip from ground zero to the highest floor at the Nasinneula Observation Tower takes under a minute with the super fast elevator. Up top we've got a panoramic view of Tampere and surrounding lakes - breathtaking!

View from Nasnneula observation tower in competition with an intense study of Donald Duck


Viewing Tampere's boat landing area from the Nasinneula tower


Our day at Sarkanniemi Adventure Park provides us with fun, excitement, laughter and relaxation. Perfect May weather topped things off. It is easy to walk through the theme park. In addition to rides, the park also offers an Aquarium, Petting Zoo, Dolphinarium, Planetarium, and the Nasinneula Observation Tower.

At the Dolphinarium!


Food and eating at the Sarkanniemi amusement park

There are lots of kiosks and eating locals at the park: the Trombikioski, the Tornadokioski and one located on the edge of the water, Rantakioski. There are several smaller ones like the Koskigrilli, Sandwichkioski and Wafflekioski. Pilvilinna Cafe and Auranko Terassi offer a variety of foods as well. Also, there is a pizzeria, ice-cream shop Peliherkkum and a lunch cafe located at the top of the observation tower. Games Square Grill offers fast food to those in a hurry.