Finnish Food

Finland is well-known for awide variety of healthy foods: from traditional Finnish dishes to fast food to more European alternatives. So much choice is available for those who would love to get a taste of this country. Here we offer insight on the very best Finnish cafes, restaurants and exotic dishes. The recipe section will help you make traditional food from Finland at home. It’s perfect for those who prefer to cook by themselves.

The most common foods consumed in Finland include potatoes, bread, Karelian pies, meat and sausage. Finns love potatoes in every form imaginable - boiled, smashed and toasted. It is also the most common side dish. Karelian pie is a kind of bread made of potato dough that originates from Karelia – an area located in Eastern Finland. It is very popular here as well – be sure to try this treat out with a slice of fresh butter because this combination is just delicious. Rye bread is another popular type of bread in Finland, along with some varieties made of whole wheat, barley and oat. Be sure to try crisp crackers like Finn Crisps, too.

Finns also enjoy eating various types of meat and sausages even though prices of both are rather high here. The most common kind of sausage in Finland is called Makkara. You can find it at every single market in different flavors, from cheesy to chili. Click here for more of traditional Finnish foods.

Examples of Finnish foods

Here are some tasty examples of Finnish foods that will surely make you hungry. This is a typical meal my mother-in-law prepares for dinner: lettuce, red beets, smoked salmon, potato sauce, carrots and a Karelian pie.


The Finnish strawberry season begins in July. Decorating the center of the slightly moist and flaky pastry are luscious strawberries. The taste is not too buttery, nor too sweet – simply savory! A strawberry Danish pastry like this one is something nobody can say 'No' to.


Strawberries on top of thick vanilla sauce tips the balance scale to a less overpowering sweet side. Take a look at a simple Finnish dessert that you can eat with fresh strawberries or raspberries!


Fresh food from the bottom of a lake

An Insider shows us how to make crayfish caught in Finnish lake edible. First, you have to catch it – to do that, look for the cleanest lake in your area. Get a pot of water to a real good boil. Clasp a live crayfish with tongs or your fingers with caution. Put it swiftly straight into the boiling water. Check the color of the boiling crayfish – if it has turned completely red, it is ready!


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