Best Cafes – Our Experience

Cafes in Tampere

Among the cafes in Tampere, by far, the one with the best view of the city is located one and a half kilometers from the city of Tampere by the Näsijärvi lake. It’s a  look-alike of Seattle's Space Needle. Näsinneula is a popular site to visit during your vacation in Finland. We know that vacation time can consume quite some cash, but getting up to the tallest observation tower in Scandinavia is not too expensive. Visit the Näsinneula cafe, not the restaurant – unless you want to spend 30-100 euros per person. Having some coffee and ice-cream at most cafes in Tampere fits even the tightest budget. It’s advisable to visit Näsinneula on a clear day, while you are enjoying Särkänniemi Amusement Park.

A choice of visiting different levels

  • The height of the whole tower is 168 meters.
  • The revolving restaurant makes a complete circle every hour. It seats over 200 people at a height of 124 meters.
  • The open-air Photography deck at 111 meters has just as good a view as that you will see from the top enclosed deck.
  • The indoor observation deck is located at 120 meters.

On a clear day 130 meters above ground level, enjoy a beathtaking 360 degree view, and viewing range of up to 21 kilometers of:

  • Finnish forests with lots of blue lake spanning from the West to East
  • Lake Näsijärvi in the North
  • Lentäväniemi residential area toward North-West
  • Lake Pyhäjärvi in the South

We went up there to see the great Finnish landscape and rooftops of Tampere, enjoying an espresso with some tasty ice-cream - a refreshing treat. The food at Näsinneula is truly the best of gourmet food created by award-winning Finnish chefs.

Interesting Näsinneula facts - The highest of all cafes in Tampere

You can view events from a long distance, like a waterspout spotted in 2008. The wind can be very harsh up there, and has only moved the tower back and forth maximum 20 centimeters – that is the record so far.

Näsinneula is worth a visit for at least one hour. No worries, you are safe because Näsinneula is built on a huge rock using poured reinforced concrete, so there is lots of steel in the structure. In case of any electrical black-out, a diesel generator takes over and in emergencies you can use the 700+ stairs to come down. The fastest public Finnish elevator carries maximum 15 people to the top quickly, moving at a speed of 6 m/s. (20 ft/s). This is a cheap thrill – going on the rides in Särkäniemi is certainly more expensive.