Finnish Fast Food

Fast, yes – but not necessarily unhealthy

Go for Finnish fast food at Hesburger to satisfy your hunger pangs with real Finnish rye bread. To taste American-style fastfood when you want something filling, try Hesburger's Rye Burger. When I asked a local about a good place to eat while I was onajob in Kangasala, he suggested going to the nearest shopping center where I would find a Hesburger fast food restaurant. So I went.


Aura is sure that Hesburger has better-tasting French fries than McDonalds. I have tried the McDonalds fries in the U.S. and in other parts of Europe and I totally agree – those Finnish fries are delicious! I had a Ruis Filet, or Rye Chicken Hamburger meal. That included fries and a softdrink of your choice – I took a small Tropicana 100% orange juice.

My Rye Chicken Burger had onions, tomatoes, chicken filet, lettuce, pickles and a tartar-like sauce. I was wondering how healthy my Hesburger fast food meal was, so I asked the Hesburger manager for a nutritionalvalues chart regarding that burger. Hmm - interesting! It has only 35,5 grams of fat, compared to Hesburger’s Mega Hamburger with fat contentof 72 grams.

Finnish Fast Food at Prisma Shopping Center

Lunch with a money saving tip!

Well, since I was working in the cool outside the whole day, I was sure I had lost lots of energy. I could eat a Finnish purebreed horse. Surprise suprise! After eating two slices of pizza I felt full.

Tip: You can get a complete almost 'All-You-Can-Eat' well-balanced full course meal for the same price as running to the grocery store to get a few odds-and-ends items to make a lunch. The advantage  you get a warm meal.

I decided to get some fast food at Prisma's Rosso Express, where they also serve a Lunch Buffet. It is common in Finland to find such a meal for under 10 euros at restaurants, eateries, kebabs, gas-petrol stations, large stores and malls. The special term the Finns use for this is lounas.

The number on my tray indicates to the staff who ordered what. My salad arrives. A salad with julienne-cut carrots, red cabbage, cucumbers and peas


I mixed up my buffet-style lunch a bit, deviating from the norm. So, instead of ordering the main dish at the buffet, I got a deep-dish pizza instead. Along with the main dish you get salad, bread and coffee. Feel free to mix and match the salads around to your liking!


They served my cheese pizza to my table. I chose my own pizza toppings (the ones adjusted to the basic Finnish palate) and that made it a bit more expensive. 13 euros for lunch which would normally cost 9,50 euros. Heck...I just LOVE pizza for lunch.