Finnish Cheese Factory Outlet

Jalasjärvi, Finland  Buy fresh cheeses below store price

On our drive back from Seinäjoki to Tampere, the three of us decide to try out some fresh cheeses. Well aware that we can get more for our money, we purchase a good supply at the Juustoportti rest-stop with their discounted prices.

Located also at the cheese factory is an inviting cafe/restaurant with an open fireplace. If you are driving from Tampere to Seinäjoki, stop to shop for exquisite local products and watch how Finnish cheese is made.

The Juustoportti Cheese shop and factory in Jalasjärvi


As a prelude to buying locally made cheese at this Finnish cheese attraction, we decide to first browse around a bit at the Pentik shop.

6 antler Pentik designed reindeer


"Gotta have that reindeer for Christmas, honey!" While on the theme of Finnish reindeer, here is a pillow by Pentik. A perfect gift idea from Finland.


A useful wood product for grinding up seasonings or herbs.


Walls with shelves full of Finnish Pentik designs, bowls, plates, napkins, glassware, lamps display everything you need for your kitchen.

Pentik Design


“2-Laatua”. A veeeery important Finnish phrase to remember while shopping in Finland, if you buy something that is 2 laatua and for some reason you want to return it – sorry! No go.

Nicely designed ceramics


Aura is pointing to the legendary popular money-change or coin purses that Marimekko is well known for. If you’re looking for classy Finnish designer hand-bags by Marimekko, here's where you'll find one.


Now we'll say 'Goodbye' to bag shopping and 'Hello' to food shopping!

Something is smelling cheezy! Aura knows how to spot a deal and save money. She points to the cheeses that are produced at mini cheese factory – this Finnish cheese attraction. Yep honey, take a picture... 2.95 euro for one of those puck-sized cheeses – you save over a euro per puck!

The box with the best deals!


A money-saving tip: If you see half-empty displays like the above, it does not necessarily mean they are low on stock for that product. Most likely, the popular item was stocked the same day, and people bought them fast enough within the day, meaning that the shelver did not have enough time to re-stock. Hence it is a high-volume product, which is in demand, so the quality is probably good, and the price is even better.

Reindeer meat


This canned braised reindeer has a picture of a reindeer with antlers. Ready to learn a new Finnish word? Poro is reindeer. You see, Finnish is easy to learn! A popular berry in Finland is cloudberry – lakka. Cloudberry jam tastes especially good on top of hot porridge.

Lakkahillo cloudberry jam on the shelves


Tip: Here is what to eat those cloudberries with!

Squeaky cheese


Leipäjuusto, Finnish squeaky cheese. It squeaks in the mouth when you chew it! This product is also sold at Juustoportti. This cheese is very mild, almost bland. Serve it with coffee and pineapples or put a couple of pieces in a mug and pour on the coffee. You can also put a chunk of it on bread with dill pickles and ham on top.

The process of making Finnish cheese

Are you curious about cheese making in Finland? You can see it here at the Finnish cheese attraction! Here is a picture of the cheese factory production floor at Juustoportti.

  •     Milk is collected locally, pasteurized, and the cream gets removed
  •     The milk gets transformed into solid coagulated cheese mass
  •     The cheese mass is cut into curds, and then the curds are settled into moulds
  •     The cheese is squeezed and extra whey is seperated from it
  •     The cheese is salted to produce the skin
  •     The excess cream is churned into butter so that nothing goes to waste - smart!how-they-make-cheese-in-finland.jpg

Food at Juustoportti

Try their pizza. Even when Tomi takes a glance at this picture now that it’s way in the past, he says: "I want that pizza!" It is thin-crusted and appears to be stone-baked. They use a type of fondue-styled cheese by Valio on the pizza. To Aura's delight, gluten-free pizza is also available.

Great pizza!


One week later at our New Year’s Eve party

A selection of cheeses from Juustoportti include:

  • Tilsit: a mild tasting firm cheese.
  • Kelarimies: buttery and salty... makes a good pizza topping.
  • Goat & Paprika: milder, softer cheese with bits of paprika.
  • Goat Gruyere: Personally my favorite cheese at the Finnish cheese attraction. This is a strong-smelling and strong-tasting cheese resembling parmesan. The cheese takes over 6 months for ripening in an open cellar, made from lactose-free homogenized goat milk, with a whopping fat content of 29%. Since Goat Gruyere is my favorite, I can share the best ways to use it. Serve it with other cheeses! Eat it with a salad or a pasta dish. It tastes good with warm dishes, too. This cheese is medium-soft, with 1.4% salt content. Smell: a combination between nut, vanila and cream. Goat Gruyere won an award at the Wine Expo as the best goat cheese.

Producer's recommendation - Eat Goat Gruyere with the following beers & wines:

  • Copper colored beer
  • Vicarage Lane Marlborough (527747) white wine
  • Chateauneuf-du-Pape (6911) red wine
  • Lindemans Shiraz (006152) red wine

We ate our selection of cheeses with red and green grapes, while nibbling on some 100% rye bread.