Helvetinjärvi National Park

Helvetinjärven kansallispuisto

Helvetinjärvi is located in Ruovesi. -a 50 square kilometer area in the Pirkanmaa region, near the Seitseminen National Park. You can see both parks in the same day. Facts which makes this park an attraction: The park has deep crevices in its bedrock, narrow opening that resembles a gorge (EU, Canyon U.S.), plus, there are forest ponds and small and lakes with sudden drop-offs. The Helvetinkolu Gorge, which is located northeast of Lake Iso Helvetinjärvi, is what is most attractive, since it's opening is only a few meters wide. The gorge has a steep downward slope into the lakeside. Here is a 10 minute video in Finnish of a tour through the Helvetinkolu gorge.

North of the Helvetinkolu gorge, is another fault formation. Lakes Kovero, Luomajärvi, Iso Helvetinjärvi: large Hell's lake Pikku Helvetinjärvi: small hell's lake and Pitkä Helvetinjärvi: long hell's lake, form a narrow, with high cliffs in the deepest fault, with high points 190 - 200 meters above sea-level.

What is there to see: Helvetinkolu and Haukanhieta.

Driving directions to the Helvetinjärvi National Park:

Here is a trail which starts in Kankimäki, goes to Helvetinkolu gorge and back. Simple and easy 4 km trail you can take your kids to. There is even a kiosk(for a snack) in Kankimäki a place for making an open fire and a hut in Helvetinkolu.

While you are driving in that area, get on route 66 toward Virrat, and along the side of the road just before getting to Virrat see the Toriseva attraction, which are 30 meter cliffs beside a series of lakes. A 6 kilometer walking path, is around the lake(s) and along the path is a cafe on a hill.

Watch a video of a father and daughter taking a day to walk around Helvetinjärvi(In Finnish) This also shows the drive to the park.

Drive and see 4 nature points in one day:

Start at:

1. Seitseminen at Seitsemisentie 116, Ylöjärvi, Suomi--->

2. Riuttanen --Torttilantie, Ylöjärvi, Suomi--->Drive through Virrat then turn back south to...

3. Toriseva --Torisevajärventie 493, Virrat, Suomi--->Finally end the trip at the

4. Helvetinjärvi National Park --Helvetinkoluntie 775, Ruovesi, Suomi

See driving directions for this whole trip from Orivesi to Seitseminen all the way through Toriseva to the Helvetinjärvi national park.

Trip Tip: In southern Finland there are deer fly or yellow fly hirvikärpänen, which can bite you. Plan a trip to the more southern national parks later in the season, like in September, when deer fly are less rampant.

In September, as nighttime comes earlier, fewer visitors frequent the parks. When you sit around an outdoor fire, it is easy to sense that "around the campfire" atmosphere. You find yourself surrounded by dark woods.