Isojärvi National Park

Isojärven kansallispuisto

Isojärvi is located in south-central Finland, about 100 km's east of Tampere off of route E63/9 toward Jyväskylä on the southern side of lake Isojärvi. After driving past the city of Orivesi for about 30 km's, there is a sign for the park. The attractive features include: 30 meter high spruce trees and large Aspens populus tremula which are in the middle of the spruce forest. The many lakes of Isojärvi are narrow, have clear water, and rocky shores. Since Isojärvi is good for kayaking and canoing, there are row boats for rent at the Heretty Loggers Cabin(main information center). Please type in "heretty opening hours" into your favorite search engine for the latest opening hours.

Park your car at the Heretty Loggers Cabin where you can get more information about trails. Start hiking at the 3km Heretty Nature Trail. Along the trail you will find a place to make an open fire for cooking. Like most parks, there are sheltered areas for overnighting.

If you like mountain biking, there is a trail up to 10 km's long which connects to a few point at the perimeter of the park.

Getting to Isojärvi: Here are the driving directions from Tampere to the southeast entrance near the Heretty Loggers Cabin information center.

For your navigator: Kylämäntie 1335(street), 17800(zip) Kuhmoinen(city), which is in Keski-Suomi central Finland.