Kauhaneva- Pohjankangas National Park

Kauhanevan- Pohjankangas kansallispuisto

The Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas Park is 57 square kilometers (22 square miles), located in Karvia western Finland. The park is 140 kilometers northeast of Pori(2.5 hour drive), 130 kilometers northwest of Tampere(over 2 hour drive), and 105 kilometers northeast of Seinäjoki. The landscape around Karvia has hills, swamps, lakes and forest.

See the contrast between a clean pine forest and bogs where thick vegetation grows on top of water. In the case of the Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas park, the soft turf is deep, so remember to walk on the paths instead of on top of the vegetation, or you will sink in.

For a safe short day hike, use the 2 kilometer long wooden duck board path around the Kauhalammi pond. Access this walk at the Nummikangas northern, or the Salomaa southern parking lot. Both lead to the walking trail. Why not overnight at the park while traveling nearby? Set up a tent or camper near Kauhalammi or Salomaa where there are dry bathroom wc's,(outdoor toilets you can use) and wells for drinking water.

Entering the park from the south -from Tampere or Parkano. Drive to Karvia(city) which is in Satakunta. Drive through Karvia on road 274 for 8 kilometers towards Kauhajärvi heading northwest. After this look out for the Kyrönkaan kesätie. This road is a south to north road, and will lead you to the Salomaa parking area.

Tip: Visit two parks in a day! The Kauhaneva-Pohjankangas National Park is close to the attractive Lauhanvuori National Park, which has the highest peak/hill in western Finland, and unique quartz stones. Here are directions for driving between Kauhaneva and Lauhanvuori.