Koli National Park

Kolin kansallispuisto

The park is 30 square kilometers (12 square miles) in size, and located west of the Patvinsuo National Park, 50 kilometers north of Joensuu. A hilltop viewing experience. -Koli has a famous view by a lake not to miss. Be on top of the Ukko-Koli hill during sunset on a clear day in July looking to the east across lake Pielinen. Enjoy seeing and touching white quartz rock. Explore Pirunkirkko. -a 34 meter (112 feet) long and averages 1 to 7 meters (3.3 to 23 feet) high cave. How about snowboarding in Loma-Koli in the winter.

Ukko-Koli, Akka-Koli and Paha-Koli are photogeneric areas of Finland, so be sure to bring a camera along to take lovely photos of scenic sunset in August from a height of 250 meters above sea-level. Koli contains the highest point in Southern Finland, which is 347 meters above sea level. Most who visit the park start off hiking at the Ukko-Koli parking place, close to the scenic view across lake Pielinen. This is where you can find short hiking trails starting at 2.5 kilometers all the way up to 40 kilometer hikes.

Driving directions to the Ukko-Koli visitor center in Lieksa/Koli from Tampere or use your own source, or navigate to: Ylä-Kolintie 39(road), Lieksa/Koli(city) Zip. 83960

More about Koli. See a video of a drive to Koli. Get a view over lake Pielinen at over 300 meters above sea level.