Kolovesi National Park

Koloveden kansallispuisto

Good for one day trips with families, and canoing trips for up to 7 days. This is a 3.5 hour drive east of Jyväskylä, or an 80 kilometer 1.5 hour trip southwest of Joensuu. Kolovesi National Park has a scenic and peaceful canoing area, since no motorboat traffic is allowed in the park. That is rare even in Finland.

If you want to get a peek at the Saimaa ringed seal Saimaannorpa, this is your chance. It is best to see the seals by boat in June, since this park is closed from March to the end of May. The Ukonvuori, Havukkavuori and Vierunvuori cliff paintings are an attraction in the park. The cliffs are best viewed by sailboat, canoe, or kayak. The ancient dwellers of the area painted images of people and monsters on the cliffs.

Recommended: Go here in the summer while there is plenty of day and night light. Consider renting a canoe for a weekend to travel along the Kolovesi Seal Trail Norppareitti. Launch the canoe at Kirkkoranta. (eastern entrance)

Here is map for canoing routes at Kolovesi called Norppakartta to help with planning your trip. Right click on your mouse to zoom in.

Drive to the Kirkkoranta boat launch parking area by navigating to the following address: 6910 Enonkoskentie(road), Savonlinna(city). At this address you will be at he road junction to the Kirkkoranta road. Follow the road to the edge of the water. (with your canoe)

If all you want is to hike, go on the 3.3 kilometer long Nahkiaissalo Nature Trail, located in the southeastern park area.

Here are sample driving directions from Joensuu up to 3 kilometers from the starting point of this trail. Once at 6308 Enonkoskentie(road), Savonlinna(city), follow the signs to get there. (Type in your own source if need)

Video -Dawn, dusk, and night shots at Kolovesi.