Kurjenrahka National Park

Kurjenrahka kansallispuisto

Kurjenrahka is located 80 kilometers southeast of Rauma, 120 kilometers west of Forssa, and 40 kilometers north of Turku. The popular hiking trail paths of the Kuhankuonon retkeilyreitistö are where you can hike peacefully for many days. Hike for up to 300 kilometers if you want. The Kurjenrahka park area has 29 square kilometers (11 square miles) of woods with old growth forests and swampy areas.

The swamp section contains bogs which are elevated in the center, and dry around the sides. These special bogs receive water from the rainwater due to lack of water supply surrounding the lower perimeter of the bogs. See old dead spruce trees, petrified trees, and old logs lying in the forest of Pukkipalo. Want to go on a short hike, to get a taste for the park? Here are sample driving directions from Turku to a 2 kilometer Karpalopolku circular trail starting from lake Savojärvi nature hut, which circles around back to the hut. Go trekking for a day or two at the Kurjenrahka National Park, since there are free or rental shelters for wilderness accommodation.

Navigate to the the northern information hut from road 204(also called Säkyläntie or Turunväylä) like this: Pöytyä(city) which is in varsinais-Suomi, Savojärventie 92(road)

Or use this address: Yläne(city), 92 Savojärventie(road) 21930(zip).

Video: How locals use Kurjenrahka for a mountain biking trip.