Lauhanvuori National Park

Lauhanvuoren kansallispuisto

Lauhanvuori, is 230 meters above sea level, making it the highest hill in southwestern Finland. Though located in the south, the park looks like fell hills found in Finnish Lapland. The park area is 53 square kilometer (20 square miles), and is easy to walk through in a day. Upon approaching the park, it is difficult to perceive the rise of 200 plus meters of land level. This is due to gradual ascents around the perimeter of the park.

Located in Isojoki(city), Pohjanmaa(region), about 140 kilometers northwest of Tampere. Once in Isojoki, head south toward Kortteenkylä, and take the first possible road toward Sarviluoma.(east) Use these driving directions to get from Tampere to the the eastern entrance of Lauhanvuori Here's where you will also find the Muurahainen nature visitor center. Navigate to Kauhajoki(city), Lauhanvuorentie 1(road), 61960(zip)

The park's unique attraction, is an open 800 meter long field of large bolder quartz sandstone rocks called Kivijata Pirunkiuas. Normally these rocks are found under the very outer surface of the earth. However, these happened to be exposed due to the lifting of the land's surface.

See the Aumakivi granite boulder, located at the southwest end of the park. These are the two attractions at Lauhanvuori. Also be sure to see the natural springs, and bogs with puddles of water. Rising of the ground created this natural attraction for those interested in Geo-Tourism. Take an educational excursion and see the results of the 'up-raising' of ground, which is occurring in Lauhanvuori at a rate of 80 centimeters every one hundred years.