Leivonmäki National Park

Leivonmäen kansallispuisto

The Leivonmäki National Park is around 30 kilometers southeast of Jyväskylä, located northwest of Leivonmäki. It's a simple park, broken up into two parts. Lake Rutavjärvi separates the upper part, which is comprised of pine forest, and the southern part, more boggy is called Haapasuo. It is significant to see lake Rutajärvi because the water level of this lake has dropped 4 meters between 1890 and 1894. Yes, one meter per year, within four years.

Because of the drop in water-level, over 200 islands up-merged all over the lake, creating long rocky shorelines around the lake. 28 kilometers of trails, marked in blue, are good for taking the family on a day hike. Stay in an overnight shelter while roasting hot dogs over a fire. One trail worth walking is the 1,5 kilometer long scenic Joutsniemi ridge trail. A walk way projects out into lake Rutajärvi where the lake is visible on both sides of the path. Getting to the trail is easy. Hike on either the Mäyränkierros or Harjunkierros trails which start from the Koskikara school in Rutalahti, or the Harjunlahti swimming grounds. To get on the scenic Joutsniemi trail first enter the Mäyränkierros trail at Selänpohja parking lot, then connect to the Joutsniemi trail from the larger trail.

Directions to the Selänpohja entrance from Jyväskylä using. The address is: 1248 Kivisuontie(road), Joutsa/Levonmäki(city), western Finland.