Lemmenjoki National Park

Lemmenjoen kansallispuisto

Lemmenjoki National Park is located in the uppermost northern tip of Finnish Lapland, close to the Norwegian border. This is a great park to walk in if you want to be alone for a long time. It's possible to camp inside the park, to find a romantic place to set tent.

Largest Park

Measuring 2,850 square kilometers, Lemmenjoki Park is the largest national park of Finland and one of the largest of Europe. It gets its name from the Lemmenjoki River, which separates two slabs of Finnish tundra (Joki means 'river' in Finnish).

Camping Inside the Park

The park is divided into different zones in order to protect the wilderness. Follow the detailed park maps to set up tent and in the designated overnighting areas. You can use rent-free huts for overnighting (autiotupa) or rental huts.

Things to Do

Lemmenjoki National Park is great for hiking. There are both marked and unmarked trails. Short and long trails for longer hikes. Visit the village called Njurkulahti where there is a hotel and camping grounds for overnighting. From here you can rent canoes from local companies.

If you'd like to join the current wild food trend, then you can go berry and mushroom picking in Lemmenjoen National Park without restriction. Among others, you can find blueberries, crowberries, cloudberries and lingonberries there.

You can also take a boat trip along the Lemmenjoki River and enjoy the fantastic scenery, go swimming or Fishing in the River. Make sure to purchase a permit. You can buy this from tourism enterprises in the area.

In the winter, consider going on a Husky safari along the frozen banks of the Lemmenjoki river. Here are a handful of local enterprises offering boat trip tours, snowmobile rides, goldpanning trip, Lapland foods and accommodation. Watch a Lemmenjoki park video to get an impression of the river.

Park History

The history of Lemmenjoki National Park probably goes back into prehistoric times, as river valleys have been favored places for human settlements for thousands of years. In the 1800s, the Sami people moved into the area with their reindeer, making reindeer herding a common activity in the region.

If you are a gold-hunting enthusiast Lemmenjoki National Park may be the place to give it a shot. In the early 1900's there was a real gold rush. Today, gold diggers are still active inside the park every summer, finding gold nuggets of up to 50 grams.


Lemmenjoki National Park is way way up north, 30 kilometers southwest of Inari and 120 kilometers northeast of Kittilä. If you are driving, you'll meet the park halfway. between Levi and Inari.

Finnair offers cheap round-trip flights from Helsinki to Ivalo. From Ivalo take a bus to Inari. From there you can take a mail/shuttle taxi to the park to the village of Njurkulahti.

Getting there by car: Drive to the village of Njurkulahti. That is where you will find information about the park in the summer. Address: 99800 Enare, Finland. Or use: Inari (area), Njurkulahti (city), Lappi, Finland. Here are directions from the Helsinki-Vantaa airport provided by Michelin.