Liesjärvi National Park

Liesjärven kansallispuisto

Liesjärvi is situated 125 kilometers south of Tampere. It takes about an hour 45 minutes to drive to the park from Tampere. Liesjärvi is one of the places in Finland you could see a flying squirrel Pteromys volans, is in the old forests of this park. Look around the shores at the base of the aspens, to see if you can spot yellow droppings left by the squirrel.

The Liesjärvi National Park has lots of thick, spruce forests, and mires containing patches of woods. The park has ridges and over 50 kilometers of shoreline to enjoy. For example the sandy shore ridge which separates lake Kyynäränharju, Kyynärä and Lake Liesjärvi from each other.

With 22 square kilometers (8.5 square miles), this is another one of Finland's small parks. While visiting, you may want to hike in the virgin forests, which have been protected since the 1920's. These are located at Ahonnokka and Isosaari large island.

See the estate of a forest ranger from 1910 in Korteniemi. -An almost exact representation of how land and farm was maintained long time ago. For example: In the summer, see the Finnish farm animals like...horses, cows, sheep, chickens.

At the Korteniemi heritage farm you will also see the traditional Finnish farming methods, like cutting rye with a scythe, drying and threshing methods.

Directions to getting to Korteniemi from Tampere. Address: Korteniementie 270, 31350 Tammela