Linnansaari National Park

Linnansaaren kansallispuisto

Ideal for camping and boating, the Linnansaari National Park covers a 96 square kilometer (15 square miles) area, located in southwestern Finland 45 kilometers northwest of Savonlinna. Linnansaari Castle-Island is both the name of this national park, and respective island.

The park consists of a large open lake area called Haukivesi, with over 120 islands which are best seen by boat. Each day between June 28 - August 15, a boat runs from either Oravi or Porosalmi to the island of Linnansaari. For boat rides, time schedules, and prices see

See the Saimaa Ringed Seal- Saimaannorppa or in Latin: phoca hispida saimensis. This area is a breeding ground for these seals, and the view promises to be good.

Get information about trails at the Sammakkoniemi camping ground. -a choice, 7 kilometers long, medium difficult day hike trail starts at this camping ground.

For more information about the park, please drive to the Oskari Linnansaari Visitor Center, or drive straight to the Oravin Melontakeskus for information about canoe rental or accommodations. Here are the driving directions to the Oravin Melontakeskus from Savonlinna.

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