Oulanka National Park

Oulangan kansallispuisto

This national park is located in Kuusamo, Salla, further south than the above parks, but still in Lapland, so you get to enjoy similar Lapland look and feel. It is 270 square kilometers in area, with one of the best hiking trails in Finland. The park is very diverse, having high peaks(fells) and low rivers, including mires like other parks have. -a unique Finnish park. See the Oulanka Canyon, the Jyrävä Water-falls, streams that gently swerve in between pine and spruce, and swinging bridges.

Go white water rafting, take a 6 day hiking trip on an 80 kilometer stretch at the large Bear trail Iso Karhukierros. The trail has 7 open, 'under the sky' wilderness shelters, over ten areas to pitch tents, a few touristy sights, and places to build campfires. Or choose to go on a shorter 12 kilometer hiking trail at the small Bear Trail pieni Karhukierros. The trail starts at the village of Juuma, takes hikers past the Jyrävä water fall (8 - 10 meter drop), then circles back around. A good one day hiking experience for intermediate level hikers.

If you do not have a chance to see the Oulanka Canyon by hiking on the Karhukierros, no worries. While driving on the Käylä-Salla road, there is a stop called Savilammi or Savi Pond. From this stop it is a three kilometer hike to the canyon.

Most people first go to the visitor center which is in Kiutaköngäs to view the waterfalls. Type in your own source for driving directions to Kiutaköngäs.

Or navigate to this address: Liikasenvaarantie 132(road),Kuusamo(city), Pohjois-Pohjanmaa(area), Finland

Things to do: Pick mushrooms in the fall or walk to the Niskakoski rapids where there is a hanging bridge. Video- whitewater rafting in Oulanka with professionals.