Päijänne National Park

Päijänneen kansallispuisto

Päijänne National Park is located east of Padasjoki(town). Lake Päijänne, is also the second largest body of water in Finland, with 400 kilometers of water route, and with unusually deep lakes (100 meters). Looking at Lake Päljänne on a map, you see its great size: length: 112 kilometers; width, in some areas up to 30 kilometers.

If you ever need extra drinking water, try gulping down the water from lake Päijänne. Many years ago, a long water supply pipe was built to deliver water to larger cities from this lake.

The Päijänne National Park, covers a far smaller area than the vast Lake Päijänne. Located at the southern part of the lake, the park is a 14 square kilometers(5.4 square miles) area which consist of a series of 50 deserted islands, mainly rock, moraine ridge formation with some cliffs.

The Päijänne National Park is best experienced by boat. Bring your own canoe or kayak for a boat trip out to the park. You can even go on a boat trip to explore the large body of water over many days. Getting to the park by boat is easiest from the Padasjoki Harbor. This is also where you can find boat trip services like the M.S. Elbatar (www.elbatar.fi), which gets you to the Kelvenne Islands.

Want to get a super view of Lake Päijänne, including the park? Start driving from Padasjoki toward Asikalla. In Asikalla get on road 314 also called Pulkilantie and drive past Iso Kohilo. Drive across the bridge while driving on Pulkilantie. After entering the bridge, you can see the park off to the left.

Example route from Google maps from Hämeenlinna across the scenic bridge to Vanha-Naumi, Sysmä(the region) in Finland. Select your own source.

Getting to this scenic drive across lake Päijänne for navigation devices.

Type in: Asikalla(city), then Pulkilantie(road). There is no road number. Just follow your navigator until you see the lake coming up on the navigator's screen, then drive across the lake.

Getting to one of the many island of Päijänne by car.

In Padasjoki, head northeast on Kellosalmentie, around 1 kilometer after Kellosalmi, the road branches to the right, go over the bridge,(stay on Kellosalmentie) You have arrived at Virmaila Island.

Take a right onto Virmailaintie. Follow it until you hit Höysniementie, take a right. Drive to the end of Höysniementie where there is a place for making an open fire.