Patvinsuo National Park

Patvinsuon kansallispuisto

Patvinsuo is located in northeastern Finland (Karelia) about 30 kilometers from the border of Russia, 80 kilometers northeast of Joensuu, or 40 kilometers, southeast of Lieksa.

The attractive features of the Patvinsuo National Park are: Swamps, old forest wood, sandy beaches with clear water of lake Suomu Suomunjärvi, over 27 meters deep lake with good fishing. There are bears in the park which may be hard to spot since they usually avoid people.

When walking about 200 meters west of the Suomu Nature Information Hut, you will find a pine tree over 100 years old. This special tree is historically attractive, since it contains the dates of the deaths of various forest rangers carved out into the tree. This park contains 80 kilometers of trails. Start either short or long hiking trips from the Kurkilahti parking place.

Driving directions to the park from Lieksa(city) Urheilukatu 3(road), to Suomuntie(road), 81650 Lieksa. Once at Suomuntie after entering the park, from the border of the park, drive about 700 meters to get to the Kurkilahti parking area.

Here is a 5 minute video of a series of hiking trips, the first one is at Pyhäselkä(also in northern Karelia), and about half way through are photos of Patvinsuo.