Petkeljärvi National Park

Petkeljärven kansallispuisto

Drive east about 90 kilometers of Joensuu to get to the Petkeljärvi National Park. It is 15 kilometers southeast of Ilomantsi in northern Karelia and 5 kilometers from the Russian border. Petkeljärvi is good for short day hikes with trails and ridges for easy walking. The pine forests contain sparse vegetation and two-thirds of the park is water.

If it is water you like then, at the Kuikkalampi area there are lakes which have clear water. The lakes are best seen while hiking on the 6.5 kilometer circular trail called Kuikan Kierros, leading through forest and duck board paths above the soft miry ground.

Driving directions for use with a navigator: Petkenjärventie 61(road), Ilomantsi(city). Navigate to the end of the road, and park at the parking lot to get more information. Here are the Michelin recommended driving directions from Joensuu to the end of Petkenjärventie, where you can park your car and walk to the trail.