Repovesi National Park

Repoveden kansallispuisto

This park is near Lappeenranta. It's attractive cliffs are up to 60 meters tall, making hiking ideal for advanced hikers, with hiking trails up to 40 kilometers in length. Take a walk over a 50 meter hanging bridge called the Lapinsalmen riippusilta, or go on a berry-picking trip.

Video - a walk across the Lapinsalmi bridge.

Tip: Make sure you are in fit condition while if planning to hike at Repovesi. Bring good hiking shoes while on the more difficult trails.

Do nature photography over lake Olhavanlampi on a clear morning. Capture the view of the cliffs of Olhavanvuori as the sun is rising, and the wind is calm. Watch the sun reflect against these cliffs in variable colors. When the lake is calm, the cliffs reflect in the lower water.

Another photography spot is on top of the 50 meters high Olhavanvuori Rock, located above lake Olhavanlampi. From on top, the lake looks very small compared with the surrounding forest. Go in late May-June to see the Red-throated Diver (Gavia stellata), cackling, as it is flying over the lake. it makes a eerie piercing "key-ka" sound.

A set of steps rises almost vertically to the top of Katajavuori Hill. -one of the most scenic places in Repovesi National Park.

A one minute video of Finnish lakeside landscape at Repovesi.

Here are the driving directions to the Lapinsalmi entrance from Lahti, where you can walk over the Lapinsalmi hanging bridge. From this point you can also hike to Mustalampi where there is a lookout tower with a view of the park. The drive will take between 1.5 to 2 hours from Lahti.

Navigate to: Valkeala(city), or use the zip code 47910, Riippusillantie 70(road). This will get you 200 meters close to the bridge.