Rokua National Park

Rokuan kansallispuisto

Located smack in the middle of Finland - If you are looking at a map of Finland, and fix your gaze at the middle of the country, that is where Rokua National Park is located.

Lichen -a combination of a fungus and algae abundantly grow in this park. So do watch your step, when you walk on a soft forest floor -bed of lichen combined with moss, as the bed can easily tear apart. That is why Nordic walking, and off-roading is a 'no no' at this park. The same goes for the moss a plant, usually green in color. Types of mosses: Iceland moss Cetraria nivalis, and Porojäkälä reindeer moss.

Attractions: Fishing and swimming at the sandy bottomed lakes, such as lake Saarinen. The following video shows what underwater ice-diving at lake Saarinen in Rokua is like. Frreeezzing!!

Perhaps you want to get a scenic photo to take home with you, then go to the Pookivaara hill, the highest point in the park, where there is a sheltered hut lookout tower, 200 meters above sea level. 120 km's southward of Rokua...for those who like old forests with a decent hiking trail nearby for the family or a group. Try walking at the over 150 year old forest in Talaskangas. Careful, these are small roads.

Navigate to Talaksentie 1000(road, 1 km from an intersection), Vieremä(city), 74200(zip), drive to the end of the road. Here are driving directions between Rokua and Talaskangas.