Salamajärvi National Park

Salamajärven kansallispuisto

Salamajärvi is in central Finland, Keski Suomi. Looking at the map, this park is located south of the center of Finland, 115 km's southeast of Kokkola(west coast). Or drive 15 km's from Kinnula heading southwest toward Salamajärvi on road 7520. Salama is the word for lightning in Finnish. In, English, Salamajärvi means lightning lake. Yep, see trees struck by lightning. -one of the attractions. On the other hand, for nature lovers, the pine forests and swamps along with a bird-watching tower are a must-see.

The largest Reindeer species are in this park

In the 1980's, specialists re-introduced the Finnish Forest Reindeer Rangifer tarandus fennicus into this area. The adult sometimes weighs over 100 kg. The best time to view these animals is at the end of may. To get information about the trails and how to find the southern entrance of the park drive to the Koirasalmi nature information hut from Kinnula like this.

Or drive 2.5 hours from Seinäjoki to the Koirasalmi information hut like this

And if that is not enough nature for one day, you may want to take a six kilometers drive southeast of the Salamajärvi National Park to the Salamaperä Nature Reserve Salamaperän luonnonpuisto.