Seitseminen National Park

Seitseminen kansallispuisto

The park's nature center is located in Parkano at the Address: Seitsemisentie 110, Länsi-Aure (Kuru). Once in Kuru head toward Kaidankylä on road 332 and drive to Länsi-Aura, where you will see signs for park entrance. This is your park, if you are interested in both young and old pine forest vegetation; some of the pine trees are over 400 years old. Swamps cover over half of the area, as well, there are many interesting ridges. What makes this an attractive Finnish sight? You get a genuine 'forest-like feeling' while hiking on the moss- covered old Multiharju forest floor.

Getting to the park by car...Here are the driving directions to the Seitseminen Visitor center from Orivesi. (or type in your own source)

See three Finnish nature parks in one area, and one cliff attraction (Toriseva) A total of four nature sights to see in one day. What fun! Once at Setseminen National Park, assuming you want to see more, why not drive to Riuttanen right off of road 3351. There you will find a place for day trip/camping at Riuttaskorpi, which is in Kuru.

If you are coming from road 332 Kuru - Parkano there are signs which direct you to the southern part of Riuttaskorpi. At Riuttaskorpi, use the outside fire places, sheltered cooking, and go bird watching at a nature tower. After a few hours hiking in the woods, drive from Riuttaskorpi to the Helvetinjärvi national park To give you a visual image of this tour, here are all four nature sights with driving directions.