Syöte National Park

Syötteen kansallispuisto

This park contains old-growth forests. Meaning: there are plant species which thrive within the forest unique to that region, and would normally not grow if the forest had been logged. The park contains rare animal species such as the golden Eagle aquila chrysaetos, or the Siberian flying squirrel pteromys volans. At Syöte there are a series of forests, located at nearly 300 meters in altitude, some even contain bogs. In fact, a very large percentage of the Syöte National Park contains mires and even occasional springs.

Basic driving directions:

Syöte is located in Lapland and the Ostrobothnia region of Finland. Coming from direction Oulu, take road 20 past Pudasjärvi and drive about 30 kilometers. At the 30 kilometer mark there will be signs to the park. Coming from Kuusamo, which is located northeast of Syöte, drive to Taivalkoski. Then get on road 863 to Posio. After driving for 19 kilometers, get on road 862 at the village of Virkkunen. Keep driving 19 kilometers until you see signs to Syöte. Walk for a day or do some more extensive hiking at Syöte. Of the 120 kilometers of marked trails, short trails range from 500 meters to 4 kilometers like the Ansapolku trail. This trail starts at the visitor center where you can also see wooden sculptured animals.

Michelin recommended driving directions to the visitor center from the Helsinki Vantaa airport(or type in your own source). Drive all the way to Pärjänkievarintie where you will find a sign for the visitor center.

Need information about the old growth forests? About 3 kilometers north of Syöte, is the Vattukurun luontopolku, a 2 kilometer trail starting at the Syöte Tavalkoski road 862.

Video - A panoramic view at the top of Iso-Syöte while skiing.