Torronsuo National Park

Torronsuon kansallispuisto

Torronsuo National Park is located 55 kilometers northeast of Salo, 62 kilometers southwest of Hämeenlinna, or 130 kilometers northwest of Helsinki. The closest city would be Forssa, which is 10 kilometers (6.5 miles) from the park. Torronsuo's 26 square kilometer of park includes mainly open mire. The wet soggy area of the park is encompassed by trees and rocks, while in the center there are patches of pine trees. Small pines.

The parks unique attraction is it dates back to the stone age. At some points the top turf is 10 meters (30 feet) deep giving proof of the park's antiquity. Just count how thick the turf is and add up the years. Scientists have interesting data like that written down for your information at some points in the park.

The wet swamp area is known to contain rare pegmatite minerals.

If you happen to travel from Helsinki to Pori, or Turku to Hämeenlinna, and would rather drive smaller roads between these routes, on the way, stop to see this park along road 2. Plan your trip wisely! See two parks with one visit. There are two national parks along road 2, Torronsuo, and Liesjärvi national park. If in need of familiarizing yourself with southern Finland wetlands, near the park is a visitor center at the following address: Härkätie 818(road), 31380 Letku(city), where you can watch a video presentation about the area and even get a guided tour. Go straight to exploring the park! If you want to drive directly to the park, here are driving directions to the Kiljamo entrance from Hämeenlinna. -A one hours drive.

Road 282 runs between Somero and Tammela. Use this road to get to the Kiljamo parking lot. When entering the park on road 282 from the north, you will see a sign for the park. Keep driving a bit further until you see a sign for the parking lot.

For navigator use: 680 Somerontie(road), Tammela(city). Or use Forssa as an alternate city, 30100(zip)