Valkmusa National Park Valkmusan kansallispuisto

Drive 125 kilometers (1 hour 40 minutes) to the east of Helsinki to get to Valkmusa. The park is closest to the city of Kotka, which is 25 kilometers or a 35 minutes drive northwest of Kotka. You can easily see the park while visiting Kotka. The park is along side of road E18/7 which stretches west to east from the capitol city towards Porvoo. Driving further east brings you to Kotka. About 5 kilometers before Kotka, there is a small town called Pyhtää. In Pyhtää road 3561 connects to 3562 toward Metsäkylä (north), which gets you to the park.

If you want another look at miry wetlands of southern Finland, at Valkmusa you can see a large 15 square kilometers (5.7 square mile) area of mire in contrast with only 2 square kilometers (.77 square mile) of forest. The contrast between forest and mire is significant. The park has both raised bogs, with trees, and softer, more wet mires where the color of the water is transparent green. Go walking on a 2.5 kilometer circular trail, and see birds from a birdwatching observation tower at the Valkmusa parking area.

Plan a 2 day trip to see Kotka

  • Day 1 - Hike and visit the birdwatching tower at Valkmusa
  • Day 2 - Visit Kaunissaari Island - a sparsely inhabited island.

If you happen to travel to Kotka from Valkmusa, there is a small island worth visiting called Kaunissaari beautiful island, located 15 kilometers southwest of Kotka, the island is 2 kilometers wide and 3 kilometers long.

Video-a ten minute about a man who visits Kaunissaari.

You can get a boat to the island in Kotka from the Sapokka line with the M/S Vire or M/S Tekla 1. The large boats sit there on the dock, and there is an ice-cream stand real close. Ahh!

Drive to the beginning of the trails like this from the city of Kotka.

Address: Vastilantie 400(road), Pyhtää(city) 49220(zip). This road runs along the western perimeter of the park, this is where you will find the northern entrance with a parking place.