Shopping in Finland

Small niche shops, huge shopping malls, markets, major electronics stores – we have it all in Finland. Whether you are looking for something distinctly Nordic and unique or just a good deal on a specific item you need, you will most likely find it at one of Finnish stores. But beware: prices in Finland are almost the highest in the entire Europe, although at many local shops you will see pretty good sales where high-quality products are offered for very reasonable prices.

The number of different shopping centers, chains and boutiques may sure feel a bit overwhelming. Below I will give you some good insights on how to find what you’re looking for.

Stockmann Downtown Helsinki

When budget matters

If you’re looking for affordable deals on food, electronics, clothes and everyday items, a local market like K-Citymarket, K-Supermarket or Prisma would be a good place to start. The price differences between these stores are often marginal, though this depends on individual products. For one of the best but also cheapest food stores, choose the German Lidl. It offers many quality products from abroad. Also, it has a constantly changing selection of things beyond food, like clothes and home appliances. This store often has some really good deals to check out.  

Brand names and luxury

For luxury products, fine clothes and foods visit Stockmann or Sokos. These are all-under-one-roof stores, too, but with a different product selection and price range that is very different from supermarkets. For fancy tags with brand names look for stores like Dressmann, H&M, Vero Moda and others. Finns are very picky about their sport clothes and footwear so you can find very good deals from sport shops like Top-Sport, Sportia Pekka and Intersport.

Need some power?

For tools and hardware, look for K-Rauta, Starkki and Bauhaus stores. They all offer a wide range of products ranging from entry to professional-level items. All these shops also offer good sales from time to time, even up to 50% off professional grade tools and workwear.