Ideapark - The Ultimate Shopping Center


The largest selection of shops in Finland under one roof is in Ideapark, Lempäälä, Finland. It’s dubbed the largest shopping center of Northern Scandinavia. The Ideapark shopping center includes shops like Minimani, for those with a small budget, Prisma for almost everything including groceries, plus trendy Finnish designer shops like Marimekko or H&M.

Shops cover popular Finnish, as well as international products. 180 different shops, plus 20 different cafes and restaurants. This Finnish shopping center giant makes possible shopping in many popular Finnish stores, without the need to travel long distances.

Lets go inside Ideapark's 'Old Town' section

My favorite section in Ideapark is the 'Old Town' section built using red bricks and antiquated roof parts. There you will find lots of nice little cafes, restaurants, art pieces, handwork,and metal crafts shops. A must-try for sauna lovers is the Osmia Sauna accessories shop. After shopping for Sauna soaps, enjoy real Finnish ice-cream nearby.


If you begin walking straight at this point, in about 20 meters you turn your head to the right and see Captain Hook in the restaurant section of the Old Town. Try their food... tasty beer-battered onion rings for starters, chicken wings the way you want them with a healthy helping of veggies and dip. A broad kids menu, and American-style coleslaw.


Vacation idea: During a rainy or snowy day in Finland, Ideapark keeps you sheltered inside where you find popular and trendy shops in Finland.

When to go to Ideapark and how long to stay?

When I need to get shopping done in a hurry, I shop during weekdays between 7pm - 9pm when there is far less people traffic. During weekdays, Ideapark closes at 9 pm. No need to rush through Ideapark. Plan to spend at least 3 hours there. The longer, the better. Folks park their RV's, and stay the whole weekend since there is parking for RV's as well. Best of all, parking is free!

Large light saucers evenly reflect light downward, illuminating walkways, creating the modern Finnish Ideapark look. While patches of different shades of brown stone floors reflect light back up.

Where is Ideapark located?

Address: Ideaparkinkatu 4 37570 Lempäälä.

Driving time and distances from larger Finnish cities:

  • From Tampere: 17.6 km or about 15 minutes' drive
  • From Helsinki: 164.6 km or about 1.5 hours' drive.