High Value Car Rental in Finland

Why rent or hire a car in Finland? It provides greater flexibility and is more economical. Believe it or not, there are cheap car rentals in Finland. Traveling around Finland is expensive. If you are staying in Finland for two weeks or more and want to see as much of Finland as possible with a group of 4 persons, it is more cost effective to hire a car during your visit.

Finland is as large as the state of Arizona. Realistically, it takes two days to drive to Rovaniemi (Northernmost city) from the capital of the country, Helsinki (in the South). One should allow much more time if your trip includes some of the popular sights like Santa Clause Village in Lapland. On this page you'll get the essential information about renting a car in Finland.

Popular car rental services

Most of these rental car agencies allow you to book a car in any Scandinavian or European country and return it in Finland.

AutoEurope Car rental in Finland - The pick-up and drop-off locations (No Map)

Big-name brand car rental agencies, like Herz, Budget, and, Avis, Sixt have office locations at most, if not all, cities/towns in Finland, including airports where you can drop the vehicle off.

Note: Finnish car rental companies do not allow you to take vehicles into Russia. Likewise, when driving into Russia, you will need additional insurance that costs 50 euros minimum.

Need to rent a car after having arrived in Finland?

Cheap car rental in Finland starts at around 39 euros per day (54 U.S. dollars) for a five-seater passenger car with a limited driving distance of 300 km's. Of course, you are responsible to return the vehicle to the agency. All basic insurances provide coverage for collision and liability.

Mid-priced 3-day car rental in Finland reservation: Book through the Internet, for example, with www.sixt.com and you wind up paying around 300 euros (420 U.S. dollars) for an economy car for 5 persons, with the benefits of unlimited mileage, and pick-up/drop-off at various airports in Finland.

For example: You can rent a Mini from Sixt at 57.74 euros/day (80 U.S. dollars) or 173,22 euros/3 days (242,50 U.S. dollars) if you prefer the offer above. Value Added Tax is included, but loss damage waiver and theft insurance are not, so watch out!

Sixt's offer includes: unlimited kilometers, third-party insurance, premium location fee, vehicle license fee request, damage waiver.

In Tampere, my favorite rental car agency is a small local father & son business which I trust.

How to use the Finnish yellow pages

Ask for the yellow pages at any gas or service station. In Finnish the word to use is 'autovuokraamo' (car rental company or place). Tell them what you are looking for. They may even look it up for you, since using the local Finnish yellow pages is challenging for a foreigner. My finger is pointing to the word: autovuokraamoja under the Aut. section of the yellow pages on this photo.


If you happen to be visiting a public library, or your friend may happen to have what is called in Finnish the 'toimialahakemisto.' This is a hard-copy phone book which has all the business listings in Finland. Once again, you are searching for the word autovuokraamo.

Cheap car rental in Finland

Are you planning your holiday vacation or business trip in Finland and in need of hiring a car once you arrive? Beware of the month of July! That's when Finnish residents are on holiday, at a summer cottage, or overseas. You may not get service from a small local car rental in Finland as you would if you had reserved your car through a large company.

Here are a two car rental providers boasting to be the cheapest. These are located in the Tampere and Lempäälä areas. Contact them for a quote well ahead of time. Websites are in Finnish - use Google Translate.

Example: 39 euros / vrk, sis. 300 km means 39 euros/day with a limit of 300 kilometers of travel. Inluding insurance! Go to the Alerent pages.

Example: A one-month rental agreement at the renown Lundan cheap car/rental provider. The cheapest I have ever rented was a Nissan Almera 2.0 Diesel passenger car for the amount of 20 euros/day.

Alerent - Cheap car rental in Finland from a local super cheap Finnish agency.


Additional insurances/extras costs example:

  •     Loss damage waiver (Excess: 600.00 euros) costs 19.00 euros/day
  •     Extended loss damage waiver (including theft insurance) (Excess: 100.00 euros) costs 9.00 euros/day
  •     Winter package car rental in Finland costs 3.66 euros/day - a necessity for wintertime driving in Finland.
  •     Navigation system costs 15.01 euros/day. (Very good to have, especially when you want to get to the national parks, and see the countryside. Make sure to set the device to "fastest/most economic" route, not to "shortest route!"
  •     Baby seat (0-13 kg/Group 0+) 11.33 euros/day.(A must-use, if you have a baby)
  •     Child seat (0-10 kg, 9-18 kg/Group 0/1) 11.33 euros/day. (Must-use)
  •     Booster seat (15-36 kg /Group 2/3) 11.33 euros/day. (Must-use)
  •     Ski rack costs 14.00 euros/day.

Car rental in Finland additional costs:

Based on the above example, the extra cost(s) for a family of 4 people traveling for two weeks in the winter time to have a skiing holiday/vacation in Lapland, including two children's seats, not including additional insurance, nor rental cost is around 620 euros. (868 U.S. dollar) Phew!!

Here is a way to lower that price and save 200 euros. Ask for a discount! Asking never hurts and they usually will lower the price. Buy a navigational device from Gigantti or Expert brand stores, for under 100 euros. This saves you 100 euros.

Do a word search in Google using the words: "lasten istuimet for sale." Baby seat for sale. Look at the search results. When you see the word, "for sale" even though it is a Finnish website, ask the owner about buying the baby seat.

Save up to 100 euros by shopping online ahead of time. Have a friend or company buy the child-seat for you in Finland, and deliver it to the pick-up location.

Tip: It is always good to ask if there will be rental car surcharge in case you do not drop off the vehicle at the city of origin. Many rental car agencies will charge you extra.

Ok, so let's reserve a rental car in Finland for two weeks. The cost is about 650 euros/two weeks. You pick up the car at the Helsinki-Vantaa airport and return it there. According to Michelin, your total cost for fuel is: 132 euros, but we'll round it up to 150 euros. Total cost for rental and fuel is: 800 euros. (1120 U.S. dollars)

Benefits: The freedom of driving in Finland for two weeks, unlimited distances, in a reliable vehicle.