Car Rental Agreement in Finland

Included in the agreement:

  • All taxes in Finland, including road taxes.
  • Unlimited driving mileage/kilometers.
  • Car rental insurance(s) like: fire, person and property damage of other vehicle, collision and theft insurances of rented vehicle. If the vehicle is damaged or stolen, customer liability is 1159 euros (1622 U.S. dollars)
  • Airport transport charges/surcharge, if you are picking up the rental car from the airport.

Not included:

  • Person/bodily damage insurance coverage for the driver and passengers (optional)
  • Fuel: Customer is expected to return the car with a full tank, and required to keep a copy of the receipts for fuel purchased.
  • If the customer returns the vehicle to a city/town other than the pickup point, Auto Europe charges an additional 150 euros to the total rental cost.
  • Taxes, obligatory road charges, and decals for local regions.
  • Winter time equipment charges i.e. 'winter package', as mentioned before. This is between January and April.
  • Child/baby seats, navigational devices, ski rack, etc.

A liability insurance comparison between two major rental car companies

Avis in Finland can sell you liability insurance for around 1200 euros, depending on how many days you will be in Finland, the insurance cost will cost you about 17 euros/day. Other companies offer lower liability insurance rates. For example SIXT liability insurance is 600 euros - half as much as AVIS. This insurance type however does not cover windows or tires. On the upside, when you rent a car with SIXT in Finland, between 1 to 30 days, if you want to get your liability down to 0 euros with glass and tire insurance, make a one-time payment of 30 euros plus the cost of 10 euros/day.

Doing the math: Rent a car for thirty days with SIXT and the liability insurance cost is between 300 to 330 euros. Rent a car with AVIS and the liability insurance cost is about 550 euros for 30 days.