Safety and Health When Travelling to Finland

The U.S. Department of State provides up-to-date advice regarding the issues of safety and health. For Finland you can search Travel.State.Gov for information from 'threat to safety' 'crime', 'travel safety within the country of Finland' and 'country description' to exit/entry requirements for United States Citizens to travel insurance. (See the link at the bottom of this page). By the way, no need for inoculations when you travel to Finland.

Health insurance

Finland has a social system which allows Finns to receive medical attention for a very fair price compared to the United States. A foreign visitor would be treated equally in case of an emergency or sudden illness. As a visitor to Finland you will be charged for a doctors visit or hospitalization. If you can, do get travelers insurance.

If you need travelers insurance and are traveling from the United States here is an updated search for health insurance policies for travelers. United States Government information about travel to Finland can be found here.

Who to contact in case of emergency?

Before you travel to Finland consider writing on paper where you will be along with an address and phone number. It is also wise to register beforehand with the U.S. Governments' STEP program or a similiar one of your own country.