Car Travel to Finland with My Recommended Routes and Maps

Going to Finland by car saves transportation costs while traveling. Bring in your own vehicle and enjoy discovering new places. Here are basic maps how to drive into Finland from your own country. If you are planning to drive a car or motorcycle to Finland you need:

  • car papers (vehicle registration and proof of insurance, or Green Card Insurance)
  • a valid driver's license allows you to drive or rent a vehicle in Finland

In the following examples car travel to Finland includes ferry crossings.

From Germany

Here is a driving route from Berlin, Germany to Tallinn, Estonia via Poland, Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia avoiding Russia. Use the Germany to Finland route if you are starting your trip in Eastern Germany, Poland, Hungary, or the Czech Republic, Latvia or Lithuania, and car pooling will help you save your money and environment.

This highly trusted car pool website allows you to search for your departure and destination especially in European countries. There is free registration where you can request a car-pool.

From Austria

Here is a route from Vienna, Austria to Gdynia, Poland. This route gets you to the port of Gdynia, Poland, close to Gdansk. Use this route as well to travel by car from Austria, through Czech Republic, Poland and through the Baltic countries of Latvia and Lithuania.

From Poland

Use the Germany to Finland route to get from Poland to Tallinn, Estonia. Then, catch a ferry from Tallinn to Finland.
Otherwise you can drive to Gdynia, Poland and get a direct ferry to Helsinki.

Car travel to Finland from Norway without a ferry crossing

Accessing Finland from Norwegian Lapland

If you are coming from Norway into Finland, most people use the E8 21. Along this road you will find the highest mountain in Finland. You will pass through a point where Norway, Finland, and Sweden connect.

Drive from Norway to Finland by using the following routes. Traveling on E8 access Finland at Kilpisjarvi, Finland which is in Finnish Lapland. Find all other road entry points into Lapland, Finland from northern Norway. (Scroll down this page for maps)

If you are driving in Norway and would like to drive Westward, I have gathered a collection of interesting scenic routes in Norway you can use in Norway which will guide you to Sweden and Finland.

Here is a car pooling agent in Norway you can contact for 'ride sharing' to Finland:

Norsk Bilpool AS, Tel.: +47 23 13 46 90, Cecilie Thoresens vei 7, NO-1153 Oslo

From Sweden

Drive to Stockholm where you catch a Ferry from Stockholm or Kappelskär to Finland. Kappelskär is a one-hour drive North of Stockholm.

Ferries travel to Finland from Umeå, an East port midway drive from Stockholm and Tornio, Finland. Here is a timetable for the ferries.

The E12 route - ferry line from Umeå to Vaasa.

For finding attractions I recommend that you contact the Umeå tourist office. Email them:

From Russia

Enter Finland from the South-Eastern border nearest to Imatra. Drive from Svetogorsk on the A-124 toward Imatra.

A recommended way to cross from Russia to Finland is at the Nuijamaa border crossing. Set your navigator to Nuijamaantie 1760, Finland. If you are driving from South-Western Russia, for example Vyborg, head north on the A-127 toward Lappeenranta. A-127 will turn into road 13 in Finland.

Here is a location of the Russia/Finland borders on a map.

From the United Kingdom

Connect from Harwich U.K. by ferry to Esbjerg, Denmark. Drive to Sweden and then reach Finland by ferry. Use these alternate routes through Norway and Sweden.

From India

If you want to be really adventurous you can drive from India to Helsinki. Drive via Pakistan, Iran, Turkey, Greece, Italy, Austria, Germany, board a ferry from Germany, or drive through the Baltic countries, then hop on a ferry to Helsinki from Tallinn.

Driving through Pakistan may be very questionable. When leaving the cities and entering the tribal area there will be signs: "This is a tribal area, there is no police or authorities." Have fun driving!

More information about car travel to Finland

If you need more information about driving in Finland go to the Automobile and Touring Club of Finland website.

For car pool needs you may want a fresh glance at the Best European Car Pooling on the Web.

Car travel to Finland without a ferry crossing

Yep, that is possible. Drive to Finland from Germany, Denmark or Sweden, without any ferry crossing. Connect from Hamburg Germany to Denmark. Pass over the Great Belt Fixed bridge Storebæltsforbindelsen to Malmö, Sweden. Drive the Eastern coastal road up to Tornio into Finland - a looong trip covering over 2100 kilometers.