Fast Drive from Austria to Finland through Poland

The route starts in Vienna, Austria at the foothill of the Alps and follows along main roads through the Czech Republic. The next stage routes you through the scenic Southern mountainous region in Poland up to Gdynia, Poland This 900 kilometer route will take around 12 hours to drive.

Please be reminded that this route from Austria to Finland is only a 'suggested' one. Unless you have previous driving experience in Poland always have with you an up-to-date navigational device and a hard-copy map. Do plan out this route carefully and be prepared for the narrow, swerving, 'challenging to navigate through' alpine-like Polish roads.

Starting in Vienna, Austria I will guide you from city to next city, and town to town.

Driving route from Austria to Finland through the Czech Republic and Poland

In Austria

From Vienna head to Brno, Czech Republic on the E461 or whichever road leads to the E461. Keep following the E461 through Poysdorf. Look out for the border crossing called Zollamt-Drasenhofen.

From Drasenhofen, Austria to Brno, Czech Republic, you'll go drive near the town of Mikulov, Czech Republic.

In Czech Republic

As soon as you cross over into the Czech border, be sure to pick up your Czech Republic road tax permit sticker at the nearest fill-up/gas station. Adhere the sticker onto the inner corner of your windshield.

Near Brno, look out for road number E50. Take this road and head East. The road is labeled E462 or road number 1.

Drive to Olomouc

From Brno to Olomouc you'll pass the ensuing towns: Vyskov, Prostejov.

Notice signs for road number E442 or road 35 before Olomouc. Take road 35 North-West.

E442 goes through Zabreh and Chromec

Soon you will see mountains on either side of you. Roads will become narrow and winding!

Notice signs for the Polish town Bystrzyca Klodzka

From Zabreh and Bystrzyca Klodzka you will pass the following towns: Cervena Voda

Once you enter into Poland keep an eye out for these town names

Miedzylesie, Roztoki, Domaszkow. Phew!

Around Bystrzyca Klodzka keep your eyes peeled for where you are heading!

Look for a town called Klodzko. This will also get you off this small adventurous road onto E67 road 8. Remember that you are driving on a mountain range. You'll keep driving along the range then descend to a lower altitude shortly.

After driving through Klodzko on E67, road 8 will travel straight then veer toward the North-West. Watch out for the town of Boguszyn, Debowina.

After having driven along the mountain range you will slowly descend and pass a town called Bardo.

After the descent drive North-East toward Zabkowice.

Keep driving on E67 road 8, direction Nowa Wies Niemczanska toward Wilkow Wielki.

My Austria to Finland journey nears the ferry line in Poland

The next large town is called Wrozlaw - a straight shot from Zabkowice on E67 road 8

The route to Gdynia is straight ahead. Here are the towns to watch for.

From Wrozlaw drive to Bydgoszcz, then to Swiecie

From Wrozlaw to Swiecie you will travel through/near the towns of:

Trzebnica, Zduny, Wrzesnia and Gniezno

In Gniezno: At this point if you would like to drive through the Baltics for example to Tallinn, Estonia, then in Gniezno, instead of continuing North to Gdynia, turn east on road number 15 direction Inowroclaw. Follow the route Germany to Finland from Gniezno, Poland to Inowroclaw, then on to Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

From Bydgoszcz head North toward Gdansk, then near Gdansk veer westward to Gdynia. That is where you will catch your ferry to Finland on your journey from Austria to Finland.