Travel from Germany to Finland like this:

1. Through the Baltics - recommended!

2. Through the Baltics via a small piece or Russia - not particularly recommended

Start driving from Berlin, East Germany through Poland up to Western Lithuania, then North-East towards Riga. The recommended route takes you along the coast of Latvia across Western Estonia. In Tallinn, Estonia you will then take a ferry to Finland. The drive takes a bit more than 20 hours, and is about 1460 kilometers long

The address for the port of Tallinn is: Uus-Sadama street 25, Estonia.

Map of Route #1 Germany to Finland


We'll start in Berlin, Germany and I will guide you through cities and towns you will journey.

Be sure to carry a map and an up-to-date navigational devices with you as you are driving. Navigating Poland can be especially challenging.

In Germany

Drive from Berlin, Germany to Poznan, Poland on road 15.

In Poland

Between the Poland/Germany border and Poznan, you'll travel through small towns/villages like: Boczow, Pozrzadlo, Swiebodzin, Miedzichowo.

Drive from Poznan to Gniezno, a 55-minute drive.

At Gniezno, keep driving straight to Strzelno, where road 15 turns North.

Head toward Inowrozlaw.

Drive from Inowrozlaw, to Podgorz/Torun

Drive to Ostroda.

Between Podgorz and Ostroda, you'll go through small towns: Kowalewo Pomorskie, Brodnica, Samplawa, Lipowo.

In Ostroda, Poland, drive on route 16 to Olsztyn

In Olsztyn take road 16 east. You will go through the following towns: Barczewo, Elk, Augustow

At Augustow head North to Kaunas, Lithuania.

Between Augustow and Kaunas you will drive near the following towns: Suwalki, Poland

In Lithuania

As you are approaching Kaunas, Lithuania on the Southern outskirts there is a small area/town called Garliava. Before entering the town, take route A5,(ring) which reconnects you to E67 in the Northern area of Kaunas.

Road E67 will take you through Kaunas and further up North to Panevezys.

10 kilometers after driving out of Kaunas turn to the right on E67 toward Panevezys.

Drive along A17 E67, taking the ring around Panevezys

After Panevezys, head in the direction of Riga, Latvia. The distance between Panevezys and Riga is 149 kilometers.

Between Panevezys and Riga, Latvia you will go near the following towns: Pasvalys.

In Latvia


Take the ring E22 around Riga, unless you will be making a tourist stop in Riga.

If you want to get through Riga the fastest, before approaching Riga take the ring A5/E22 a few kilometers to the East following A5/E22 around a lake toward Salaspils. Shortly after the road turns into A6/E22. Drive along this road for around 5 kilometers. Keep a watch out for road A4/E67. This is basically E67. Keep following this road to get you back onto E67.

On E67 drive direction Pärnu, Estonia. Driving from Riga to Pärnu takes around 2 hours and 44 minutes. A 184 kilometer drive partly along the coast of the Gulf of Riga.

In Estonia

Drive North on E67 from Pärnu to Tallinn. This two-hour drive stretch is 125 kilometers long.

When you arrive in Tallinn follow the signs to the port "Tallinna Sadam". Drive through the town of Tallinn where you will find the ferry port at the Northern tip of town. Your're one short ferry trip away from Finland now!

Here is a map of this suggested driving route through the Baltics starting in Berlin, Germany which ends up in Tallinn.

Route #2 Germany to Finland with a 'touch of Russia'

Another more convenient route option you may want to consider takes you through part of Russia. Here are the towns/villages/cities you will drive through.

For starters, if you are not Russian, you will need a visa if you are going to drive through Russia. So, this is not the recommended route!

Driving route from Berlin, Germany to Tallinn, Estonia.

This route takes you from Berlin, Germany, through Poland, Russia and the Baltics countries.

In Germany

Drive east from Berlin to Poznan, Poland. Use the A12/E30 to get to the border area near "Frankfurt an der Oder"

In Poland

Between the Poland/Germany border and Poznan, you'll drive via small towns like: Boczow, Pozrzadlo, Swiebodzin, Miedzichowo.

From Poznan to Gniezno to Strzelno and Inowrozlaw.

Drive from Inowrozlaw, to Podgorz/Torun on to Ostroda.

Between Podgorz and Ostroda drive through small towns: Kowalewo Pomorskie, Brodnica, Samplawa, Lipowo.

In Ostroda drive on route 16 to Olsztyn.

In Olsztyn get on road 51 heading north towards Kaliningrad, Russia.

In Russia

Once you cross the border and get into Russia, road 51(Poland) turns into A195. As you approach Kaliningrad, take the ring around Kaliningrad heading East on A229/E28/77. This road eventually branches into two roads.

Drive North on A216 E77 toward Sovietsk. Shortly after you enter Sovietsk comes the border crossing into Lithuania.

In Lithuania

Get on A12/E77 heading North toward Siaulia which eventually turns into A8.

In Latvia

Head direction North to Riga. Drive through Jalgava, Latvia and into Riga.

Take the ring around Riga, unless you are going to fly to Finland from Riga. Head North on road E67 direction Pärnu, Estonia.

After Pärnu, keep driving North on road E67, this will also be marked road number 4. Follow this all the way until you get to Tallinn.Once you enter the city of Tallinn there will be signs for the port called "Tallinna Sadam". Drive all the way through the town. This is where you catch the ferry to Finland.

Got money to spare? Take this route from Germany to Finland!

Just for fun, in case you would like to travel by car from Germany to Finland by land only, here is how you can do that. Realize though, that this is a very long drive. Nevertheless.. ..a scenic trip.

One of the most expensive drives will be in Denmark. There is a toll road to drive on and will cost you 40 euros to use the long Great Belt Bridge. You will be charged 43 euros to take the Oresund Bridge which connects you from Denmark to Sweden at the Copenhagen airport.

Map of land route Germany to Finland