Scenic Places to Visit in Norway

Enjoy the majestic beauty of Norway while driving to Finland

Drive through scenic places to visit in Norway. On your way to Finland travel the scenic Norway landscape. Please use my suggested routes, including road maps, and locations for ferry departures.

Bergen, is a must-see among places to visit in Norway. Here are three basic routes originating at Bergen, Norway.

#1 West to East Route - drive through central Norway from the West to the East: Bergen to Oslo, to Stockholm, Sweden, and then a ferry to Finland.

#2 North Cap Route - drive to the North Cap Nordkapp, along the most beautiful driving route in the world, Norway's Rv.17 coastal road.

#3 Mountain Route - drive across the Norwegian mountains, then along the Eastern coast of Sweden. Access at Tornio, Finland. - the North-West coast of Finland.

Tip: To get a general overview of reliable driving routes and places to visit in Norway be sure to follow the approved driving routes. Use the translate option to view this in English.

1. Drive through central Norway from the West to the East into Sweden, then Finland

Many of the main roads in Norway stretch along the base of the valleys. This is a drive between high cliffs and very high mountains such as in Kvanndal and Eidfjord.

The West to East Route


Places to visit in Norway along this route. Follow the links for detailed maps of the route.

  • Bergen to Kinsarvik. Drive close to the Steinsdalsfossen, walk under the waterfall or take a scenic walk to see the Husedalen Waterfalls. Take your kids to Mikkelparken for some outdoor water park adventure.
  • Kinsarvik to Geilo. See the Hardangervidda Nature Center in Eidfjord to learn more about Norwegian Fjords. See Eidfjorden and the tallest waterfall in Norway on your way to Geilo.
  • Geilo to Oslo. Visit the Norwegian Interior Decoration Museum. Stop at a typical Norwegian Stave Church in Ål. Stay overnight in Sundvolden, in Norway's oldest hotel. In Oslo, visit a sculpture park, museums and public baths.

Bergen, Norway - start off in fjord Norway

One of the must-see places to visit in Norway is an ancient fishermen's village at the coast of South-Western Norway called Bergen.

See mountain range scenes around Bergen and the coolest fjords.

A fjord is a deep blue salty ocean sea encompassed by cliffs on either side which range 50 to 800 meters above sea level. A fjord has a beginning and an end. Beginning with a water inlet, it ends with a very deep sea surrounded by mountains. Tourist boats can travel through them. Fjord pictures -- scenic places to visit in Norway.

Tip: Come here in the springtime when fruit trees are blossoming on the fjords. This scenery is truly magnificent when the colors of blossom petals add color to the fjords and reflect off the water.

Attractions in Bergen: music festivals, open fish markets, fishing, hiking, and walking around the old town section of Bergen. More information on Bergen for sightseeing at the Bergen guide.

In Bergen, take a trip on the Floibanen cableway which trolleys up 300 meters above sea level giving you the best views of Bergen. The trip takes 5 minutes to get up and around 50 minutes to walk back down. At the top is a restaurant and a kiosk for buying food. You can find more information at the Floibanen website.

2. Places to visit in Norway from Bergen to the Northern cap into Finland

Along this route the scenic areas are named: Gamle Strynefjellsvegen, Atlanterhavsvegen, Helgelandskysten Sor, Helgelandskysten Nord, and Senja. This route takes about 14 days by car. It starts in Bergen and runs North to Jølster, through Trollstigen. Then heads West across a ferry filled journey along the West coast near the scenic Hurtigrute tourist route.

South to North Route into Northern Finland


After driving through Trondheim drive on the scenic highway 17 to Bodø, Norway. Along this route you will find great fishing areas. Take a tunnel under the Svartisen Glacier. If time allows, take a ferry to the Lofoten Island. View the Lyngen Alps and the Nordkapp "North Cape of Norway”.

Detailed maps of scenic places in Norway here...

  • Bergen to Dragsvik. A 12th century church in Voss, scenic waterfalls like the Hesjedalsfossen, and Stalheimsfossen
  • Dragsvik to Jolster, experience Norway's gigantic Sognefjord Sognefjorden, see Likholefossen and the Vallestadsfossen. Visit the quaint village of Jølster with its Stave Churches, and the Norwegian Glacier Museum
  • Jolster to Trollstigen where Trollstigen and Geiranger typify the most scenic areas of the country, with lush green hills, alpine peaks, deep seas surrounded by towering cliffs. Get a view of the Jostedalsbreen glacier, and stay at the Loen Hotel near the glacier.
  • Trollstigen to the Atlantic Road. Drive along the West coast of Norway with frequent ferry crossings, extravagant bridges, and more serpentine roads. Climb Trollvegen for those seeking a Norwegian mountain climbing experience. Trollvegen is well worth a mountain climb for the hardy.
  • Atlantic Road to Tjotta discover Trondheim. It's one of the stops along the popular Hurtigrute tourist route. Then, you can see the strange-looking Torghatten mountain, which has a visible hole completely through the mountain's center.
  • Tjotta to Bodo, the Lovunden and Træna mountains are close to the tourist-frequented Hurtigrut route. Drive through the Svartisen Glacier, and near the Saltstraumen. Visit the Lovoten Islands for spectacular mountain-climbing.
  • Bodo to Senja offers great fishing spots and a chance to drive across the super long Kjeringstraum bridge. During this route you will decide if you will take E6 from Bardufoss to Kilpisjarvi Finland or continue toward the Nordkapp.
  • Senja to Hamningberg is a long West to East route, starting off close to the Lyngen Alps. If you decide to travel all the way to the Nordkapp, along this route is where you will see beautiful cliffs, a chance to visit a Sami village, and even spot a whale or two.

Common ways to enter Finland from Norway by car

Access Finland via Kivilompolo, or on E6 from Bardufoss to Kilpisjärvi. Drive South from Alta, Norway through Kautokeino, Norway, then drive South to Enontekiö. Another alternative is to drive along E6 from Vadsø and enter Finland via Utsjoki.

Once in Finland and Desire to Return to Norway

Option #1 Once in Finland, drive south along the coast of western Finland, through Oulu. Take a ferry to Umea, Sweden from Finland, then drive south to Stockholm on an impressive route along the eastern coast of Sweden.

Option #2 Drive from Oulu, Finland to Helsinki, or Turku. Take a ferry to Sweden, Estonia, Germany, Poland, etc.

3. Drive the high mountain route from Bergen through Oppland

The route takes you from sea level up to one of the highest skiing areas in Norway.

This route guides you to see scenic places to visit in Norway, such as:

  • waterfalls along the way;
  • serpentine roads;
  • a glacier;
  • the Jotunheimen National Park where your family can hike or overnight in completely furnished shelters.

a chance to see the highest mountain in Northern Europe, The Galdhopiggen, at 2,469 meters. (8,098 feet)

Norwegian High Mountain Route Through Sweden, Ferry to Finland