Scenic Places to Visit in Norway from Senja to Hamningberg

Driving from Senja to Hamningberg

See one of the final coastal stretches driving routes, pictures, and ferry routes from Varangerbotn to Hamningberg (A) to Varanger for scenic places to visit in the Varanger area.

Map of the route

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From the above map, access Finland from (B) or (G) or (H). From the below map, click on the pins at the ends of the orange lines to determine what town you will access Finland from. Where to enter Finland (the orange line marks four entrances into Finland):

Refer to map #1 for the explanations below

The stretch from Senja to Hamningberg (A) to (K) is 1000 kilometers + depending if you want to go all the way up to the Nordkapp. After visiting Senja, head back toward Finnsnes and Bardufoss on road 86. Follow the direction from Bardufoss to Kilpisjarvi (link to bardufoss-to-kilpisjari page), this time keep driving North through Olderbakken, instead of driving toward Kilpisjarvi

Along the way to Odden stop to see the protected park area called Lyngsalpan. Here is a video of the high mountains at Lyngsalpan. In Odden you have a view of the Lyngen Alps with high mountains appearing to jut out of the sea. In Skibotn (B) you will be able to access Finland. In Olderdalen (C) you'll find a camping place and accommodations. Further on the road at Sørkjosen there is an airport.

Accommodation in Lingen 17 kilometers North of Olderdalen

Walk up a huge mountain then go skiing down to the sea - a once-in-a-lifetime experience! The Lyngen Lodge has great ratings, exceptional food, and may just be your place to get away on a honeymoon vacation. Watch a video of this skiing adventure near the Lyngen Lodge, and if you like what you've seen and you want such a great experience, you can reserve a room for yourself here.

For some good fishing, stop in Straumfjord. In Kvaenangsfjellet there is an area called Sameleir then pass through Karvik from where you can view the Navitfossen waterfalls In the Kvaenangsbotn and Badderen there are plenty of camping places.

Between Burfjord and Toften in the village of Alteidet (D) you can visit the spectacular Oksfjordjåkelen glacier by foot or by car. The drive from Isnestoften to Alta (E) takes around 40 minutes. At Alta you will find some of the best fishing in the Alta River. If you are interested in rock art, stop by the World Heritage Rock Art Center close to the town center. You can access Kivilompolo, Finland from Alta via road 93. This road runs North from Alta, then South into Finland.

The amazing igloo accommodation en route from Senja to Hamningberg

Drive 25 minutes South-East of Alta where the Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is located. There you can sleep on ice, dine around an ice table, and even have a very memorable wedding at this exotic ice accommodation.

After Alta

Between Alta (E) and Olderfjord (F) there is a chance to see Sami people in the summertime. Ask the locals in Nibijavrre where their camps are located.

In Olderfjord take the route on road E 69 to the Nordkapp It takes about 1 hour and 45 minutes to drive there from Olderfjord.

If you are driving on toward Lakselv (G) direction South from Olderfjord, and need accommodations you can find them at Ytre Billefjord. (F) Further South comes Stabburselv where you can visit a national park, for hiking and camping. In Lakselv you find an airport, shopping, and many people speaking the official local language, Sami. In Lakeslv you'll find lot's of round rocks and large deposits of rock mineral called Dolomite. This gives the surrounding waters a greenish tint.

Between Lakselv and Karigasniemi, Finland driving takes a little over one hour. In Ilfjord catch road 888 up to Kjollefjord. In Kjollefjord you can find some of the most beautiful seaside cliffs, and in Gamvik you can visit the Slettnes lighthouse, as well as witness the world's Northernmost forest. (link to this or get a picture) In Tana Bru (H) you'll cross over the Tana bridge, then drive south on road 890 to Skipagurra. This is also where you'll find accommodation. Road 890 connects to road 98, which is a coastal and scenic road.

Nyborg's official language is Sami, and in Nesseby you find the old Nesseby Church dating back to 1858. Vestre Jakobselv (I) is historically a village where people from Finland moved to and began producing varieties of sea products such as Fish sausages. In Vadso (J) you can find many Finnish-speaking people. Here you'll also find convenience stores, a service station, and accommodations. In Ekkeroy there are excellent bird watching areas close to the village. In this area there are Finnish speaking people. Once, the village of Skallelv was highly primarily inhabited by Finns.

Vardo, another tiny fishing village is Norway's easternmost town, which livelhood is mainly fishing. The long Vuoreija tunnel is almost 3000 meters long. A church exists here built in 1300. See the Vuoreija Lighthouse, which gives you visibility of 23 nautical miles.

Travel to Hamningberg along the coastal route, road number E75 Access Finland on E6 from Vadsø, Norway, to Utsjoki, Finland.

An alternative route

The Via Michelin recommended route from Senja to Hamningberg passes through Skibotn, Kilpisjarvi (Finland), Kaaresuvanto (Finland), travels North through Norway and winds along the border between Norway and Finland. Finally the route runs along the scenic route until Hamningberg, Norway.

End of the Senja to Hamningberg stretch