Two Driving Routes from Russia to Finland

A scenic route from Parikkala to Savonlinna

Route from Imatra to Helsinki

When you enter Finland via road A-124 at Svetogorsk take the scenic route to Savonlinna.(E)

First drive to Imatra (A) on road 6 by heading northeast. Drive along route 6 northeast toward the municipality of Parikkala (B).

In Parikkala enter road 14 toward Savonlinna (E). Set your navigational device to Harjutie 14 (road), Punkaharju (city). The stretch from Punkaharju (C) to Savonlinna is scenic. You will drive along several islands connected by roads and bridges with plenty of lake views along the roadside.

Stop to see the largest wooden church in the world in Kerimäki (D) just before Savonlinna.

Along your drive from Parikkala (B) to Savonlinna (E) you will find two hotels:

  • Hotel Fontana Address: Tuunaansaarentie 4, Punkaharju
  • Punkaharjun Valtionhotelli, Address: Harjutie 596, Punkaharju
  • Savonlinna to Puumala (65 kilometers). In Savonlinna drive on road 14 to road 435 at Kallislahti (F) direction South-West. Enter road 434 to 62 shortly before arriving at Puumala (G).
  • Puumala to Mäntyharju (110 kilometers) Road 62 to 4323. 6 kilometers before getting to the town of Ristiina (H) stop off to see the ancient cliff drawings Uittamonsalmen kalliomaalaukset.
  • In Ristiina enter road 420 to Mäntyharju, then catch road 4163 (I). 
    There is a petting farm called the Koivulan Farmi where children can become acquainted with chickens, goats donkeys, horses and more. Phone: 040 531 6066
  • Mäntyharju to Heinola (J) (52 kilometers) road 5.
  • Heinola to Lahti (K) (32 kilometers) on road 140.
  • Lahti to Mäntsälä (L) on road 140.

Mäntsälä to Helsinki (N) on road 140 and road 45 at Järvenpää (M).

Russia to Finland route two

Russia to Finland Driving Along the Border of Russia

If you are coming from Värtsilä, Sortavala, Lahdenpohja, Priozersk, Sankt-Peterburg, Vyborg, or Primorsk, then connect to the following route which is along the South-East border of Finland.

The major towns you'll drive through along route two Russia to Finland.

  • Ilomantsi (A) to Mutalahti to Värtsilä (B) on road 500. (74 kilometers)
  • Värtsilä to Tohmajärvi (C) on road 70, or road 9. Tohmajärvi to Puhos (D) on road 486, Puhos to Kesälahti (E) on road 4861. (70 kilometers)
  • Kesälahti (E) to Parikkala (F) on road 6. (46 kilometers)
  • Parikkala (F) to Laikko (G) on road 6 then get on scenic road 3991 from Laikko toward Imatra. 3991 turns into 3981 all the way to Imatra. (61 kilometers)
  • At Imatra (H) road 6 to Lappeenranta. (I) (37 Kilometers)
  • Lappeenranta (I) to Virolahti (J) road 387. Take road 387 to Virolahti.
  • In Virolahti (J) catch road 3513 to Hamina.(K) (45 kilometers) This route is called the Kuninkaantie.
  • Get on road 170 from Kotka (L) to Hamina (K) instead of taking the main highway. (24 kilometers)
  • Follow road 170 from Kotka (L) to Ruotsinpyhtää.(M) Some of this stretch is along side road E18 7. (34 kilometers)
  • Ruotsinpyhtää to Porvoo. (60 kilometers) (N)

Porvoo (N) to Helsinki (O)

Here are two popular border crossing from Russia to Finland.