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You can easily travel to Finland from any of the world's major cities, such as London, New York, Boston, Toronto, Seoul, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Mumbai, Tokyo, Bangkok, Delhi.

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Locations of major airports

As the capital, Helsinki is the biggest hub in Finland when you are booking tickets. From there, you'll find connecting flights to over 20 other Finnish towns. Connections to Helsinki (HEL) are available from North America, Europe, Asia and the Far East. Also there are domestic flights from Helsinki to Tampere (TMP), Turku (TKU), or Vaasa (VAA). From Helsinki you can catch domestic flights to Rovaniemi (ROV) to see Santa, to Kittilä (KTT) for skiing and fishing, or Oulu (OUL) for studying.

Click here for a map of Finnish Airports.

Flying to Helsinki-Vantaa

Whenever I fly into the Helsinki-Vantaa airport (HEL) I never cease to admire the quiet and clean airport interior. The floors made of wood bring a genuine high quality feel to the airport.

When we arrive to Helsinki we normally have friends pick us up at the airport. This saves from from paying for a bus or taxi and is more convenient. The airport is close to the city of Helsinki. Hop on a bus or take a 20-minute taxi (the more expensive option, naturally) to get to your hotel.

Other popular airports in Finland

Air Travel to Finland into Tampere (TMP): Visit Tampere (pop. 300,000 +) on a business trip, a family holiday vacation, visit friends and family and enjoy the city of Tampere. Tampere is 15 kilometers from the Tampere (TMP) airport.

Turku (TKU): Enjoy bicycle trails in the Archipelago. See the Turku castle and Muuminworld - a 45-minute drive from the airport.

Rovaniemi (RVN): While Tampere, Helsinki, and Turku are in Southern Finland, Rovaniemi is in Lapland. It's located 830 kilometers North of Helsinki. It is a small airport and the main local attraction there is the Santa Clause Village. You'll find other Santa Clause attractions with winter activities in the December-February period. In the summertime, enjoy fabulous hiking and camping. 

Ticket estimates for the spring season

Here is what you can expect to pay for a round-trip air travel to Finland ticket for one adult during April and early May.

USA to Helsinki, Finland

Chicago O'Hare Airport to Helsinki via a stop-over in Amsterdam costs 720 Euros or 1050 U.S. dollars for one adult. A reasonable ticket from Chicago O'Hare to Helsinki via Sweden costs around 700 U.S. dollars and can be found through Flightcenter.

From Sydney or Perth Australia

Usually you will stop-over in some Asian country to transfer to another plane to get to Helsinki. One can expect a minimum of four stop-overs. Check out a travel agent that promises to beat any competitors price called Flightcentre

Air travel to Finland fare from Sydney to Helsinki with Flightcentre Price example: Fly via Tokyo, and Bangkok. 1450 Euros, or 2100 U.S. dollars

From Bombay (Mumbai), India

Price example from Finland to Mumbai, to Paris, then to Helsinki: The flight time takes around 14 hours. Price - 670 Euros, or 970 U.S. dollars. Use this Flightcenter to book tickets in India.

Air travel to Finland from Hong Kong

Price example: Fly from Hong Kong to Helsinki, Finland. Travel first to Amsterdam, then Helsinki. The flight time takes almost 24 hours. Price - 805 Euros, or 1162 U.S. dollars.

Tip: When departing from Asia, Australia, or New Zealand, consider buying a round-the-world ticket. You can fly more for less money.