How to Search the Web for Cheap Flights to Finland

Searching the Internet is an art and it takes time to learn. You can save money by improving you Internet searching skills. That is why I will guide you into a way I have searched for flights using the search engines. Do this and save money!

Three steps for maximizing your search results

Tip: Do not exclusively search large Internet Travel Websites (large ITW's) like Expedia or comparison Internet Travel Website (CITW) like Do search smartly!

Internet Travel Third Party Booking Systems (ITTPBS's) are not the direct seller. They are the middle man. Staffed with great programmers, these companies buy from the airline in large quantities at discounted rates.

Why not book a super deal ticket from the airline(s) directly? In other words, buy directly from the airline or travel agent when possible, especially for complex travel itineraries with large groups.

I have been surprised to find cheaper flights to Finland when I search Finnair's website directly! Use the following method to help save you a few hundred euros/dollars and a lot of time. It took me a while to come up with what keywords to use. All you need to do is try what I tried to see if you can get the cheapest air travel to Finland.

Step one

Know the buyer value of your air ticket when you're planning to travel to Finland. Start searching at ITA Software to be aware of what your ticket is worth. This will show you your flight. You cannot buy from them. Next, go to for comparison shopping for your ticket.

Shop for the cheapest air travel to Finland tickets...

  • departing on a mid week-day instead of weekends
  • set at least two months after the booking date
  • which are two-way flights

When you have found your ticket, register with to set up an alert. Your ticket price will be tracked over time. As the ticket decreases/increases in cost you will get an alert sent to you by e-mail.

To get your air travel to Finland at a lower price, repeat the search multiple times.

Step two - search again!

Use smart search phrases to find cheap air travel to Finland. If you already are in Finland here is a list of airlines offering flights within Finland.

After you have arrived into Finland and need a flight to Oulu, Kittila or Rovaniemi, look up Finnair. In addition, consider using the following carriers:

  • Blue 1
  • Flybe Site is in Finnish but has cheap one-way flights within Finland
  • There are some really cheap flights which Norwegian offers flights from Helsinki to Rovaniemi

An Example: air travel to Finland from Germany

Let's say you are planning a trip to Lapland to see Santa and you are departing from Hamburg, Germany to Rovaniemi, Finland. The airport (where Santa is) is called Rovaniemi, and the Santa Clause Village is a few kilometers from the Rovaniemi airport.

An initial Web search for a supposedly cheap flight from Germany to Rovaniemi, Finland departs from Hamburg to Helsinki, then on to Rovaniemi, which is in Lapland. The price: around 530 euros for a round-trip ticket.

Give yourself time to search the Internet for cheapest flights. Here are a few keywords that will help you save money and time while booking a flight to Finland from a European country.

In the 1980's it was possible to buy 30 dollar stand-by tickets, direct flights from New York to London. These days the power of the Internet is at hand, allowing you to comb the internet for the absolute lowest deals on the planet.

With this idea in mind, think "really cheap"!

In your favorite browser search for the following keywords:

"flights cheaper booking from the US compared to europe"

I used the previous series of keywords because I know it is possible to buy a super cheap airline ticket from the United States to Europe. The same logic holds true for air travel to Finland.

Now examine the search results!

Click on the top-ranking website. In my case, my search in Google landed me on a website called

I selected the same flight that I found originally for 530 euros at This bought me back to Finnair via a third-party travel website called The results however were astounding. It gave me yet another cheaper flight to Finland, instead of costing me 530 euros, now the round trip cost me 338 euros with Finnair. Bingo - you just saved 192 euros!

In other words, allow the search engine(s) to do the work to benefit you. Let the third-party travel provider work for you and never ever buy the first offer you see without shopping further for the best deal.

Here is another search phrase to use in a Google search - try "flights to Finland cheaper booking from the US compared to Europe"!

I'll do it here for you:

"flights to Finland cheaper booking from the US compared to Europe"

Google results displays that Ryanair offering very cheap flights to Finland. Which we knew already because I told you. Type in a Google search like "Ryanair newest routes" - you will find that Ryanair flies into Tampere, Finland from example: Alicante, Malaga, Milan, Pisa and Riga.

Step three - compare and save money

After you have determined (in step one) the value for your ticket and (step two) searched using smart search phrases simply wait until you get a notification from for a ticket that fits your needs and pocket book.

Enjoy saving money!