Catching a Train to Finland from Southern Europe and Scandinavia

Travelling by train is both convenient and cost-effective. Below are some great tips on how to get to Finland from abroad. Also read about Interail and Railpass for great savings and information when travelling in Central Europe.

From the United Kingdom

For those desiring to take a train to Finland from the UK, this doesn't exist! Sad to say there is no physical rail 'bridge over water' connection between Sweden and Finland, Estonia and Finland or Norway and Finland. You can drive by car or catch a bus from Norway and Sweden to Finland. It is a common practice to catch a ferry boat to Finland for example when your train arrives in Stockholm, Sweden.

Customize a route starting in the UK like this. Decide which Southern European countries to travel through on your way to the North.

1. Train to Finland route number one starts in Harwich UK with a ferry to Esbjerg, Denmark. From Esbjerg cont
inue the journey by rail to Sweden topped off with a ferry to Finland

2. The long scenic route number two starts off in London. Go through Paris, France, Germany. In Northern Germany you will then take a long ferry trip to Helsinki.

3. Train to Finland route number three includes going from UK to Belgium, Germany, Denmark, Sweden, then ferry to Finland.

According to you need a minimum of 4 days to travel by train to Finland from London. On the third day after you arrive in Stockholm, Sweden you have an option to catch a ferry to Helsinki, Turku or even Northern regions in Finland. For more detail of this journey taking you from London, take a look at the detailed description of routes, timetables, and trip costs.

Train to Finland from Sweden or Denmark with/without a ferry crossing to Finland

You can hop on a sleeper train from Stockholm to Alvsbyn Station near Boden (a 12-hour trip). Following this you will catch a bus that brings you into Haparanta, Finland (нou will switch buses twice), followed by another bus or taxi to Tornio, Finland. The bus trip to Haparanta, Sweden takes about two hours. From the Tornio Train Station you can catch a train to anywhere in Finland.

Here are some resources that will help clarify your train to Finland journey plans from Sweden to Finland after the final train stop in/near Boden, Sweden.

For all bus connections in Sweden

Also search for bus connections in Norrbotten county - the most Northern county of Sweden which borders Finland (this page is not in English).

Search for Finnish bus connections from Sweden and Finland at the border. This also includes all the bus connections in Finland.

If you are traveling with a Railpass, the bus trip is included up to the border town of Sweden and Finland.

As a second route option traveling by train from Sweden, consider a trip along the Eastern coast of Sweden from Stockholm to Umeå all the way to the very end of the Swedish rail system to a town called Boden. From Boden connect by bus to Haparanta/Tornio.

A popular train trip is from Copenhagen to Stockholm followed by a ferry to Turku or Helsinki, Finland. This trip takes about 24 hours. This is the most simple option if you are going to take a train to Finland.

For information about train stops and departures in Denmark please use the DSB website or for planning your trip

Train to Finland from Russia


Take the overnight Lev Tolstoy train from Moskow to Helsinki which takes a little over 14 hours of travel to Finland. This is also a train which frequently departs from Helsinki making it a convenient way to travel either to Russia or to Finland.

A convenient and popular train trip runs from St Petersburg to Helsinki and back. Taking only about two hours, the modern and speedy train called Allegro departs from St. Petersburg several times a day, depending on the season.

Find pricing, routes, details, schedules and travel plans. Here are current search results showing train to Finland from Russia.

One benefit of traveling to Finland by rail is that you can buy a special ticket with Eurail or Interrail and enjoy many other European countries along the way. See more benefits for buying a Railpass to Finland route along with prices of the tickets.

Tip: Travel off season. Generally speaking, across Europe, the summer time is the high season for ferry travel. Not only are the ferry tickets higher in price, but the ferries can be overcrowded and make for an inconvenient travel experience.

Train to Finland from Germany

Easy, just catch a train in the direction of Travemunde, Lubeck or Rohstock. From these locations you can catch a ferry to Finland.

This would come in handy, for example, if you want to get to Finland from Germany and would rather not drive through the Baltic countries of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia. This offers a direct ferry connection to Finland, takes about a day, so you travel in the ferry overnight. Count on paying a bit more for the ferry ticket than you would pay for fuel. Still, it's a more convenient and faster option.

Search the German Rail System Deutsche Bahn for trips from Germany to Finland.